Top 10 Analytics Reports for Conversion Analysis

Analytics is a buzzword in the SEO field, almost to the point of the word being overused. This is a good thing though, because search engine optimization is designed for tracking data, collecting results and making decisions based off of data and results.

Google Analytics is commonly used for analyzing SEO data, and since it’s a go-to for many search marketing professionals, there are a lot of different reports that can be generated within the software. A sub-group within these reports are known as conversion analysis reports, and these can be incredibly valuable when it comes to determining what works and what doesn’t for optimizing a particular site or set of sites.

Below are 10 of the best conversion analysis reports currently being used. If you’d like to discover more about these reports, we’d be happy to discuss with you how we can help create them for your e-commerce site.

Traffic Flow Mapping

This utilizes a standard report, which can be found under Behavior, then Site Content, then All Pages. It’s simple; and involves mapping each piece of the traffic flow on your site to check for “traffic jams”. In most cases and especially with e-commerce sites, this would involve proceeding from the home page, to a product page, through the checkout pages and to the checkout completion page.

Conversion by category and device

Doing this allows you to look at conversion rate through different contexts. For example, you can segment the report to show desktop specifically, or tablet specifically. Very useful for any type of online store!

High Traffic/Low Traffic

This report can provide information on new versus return data, tracking new traffic to your site. From this information, you can discover entrance counts on your landing pages to see the conversion rates for each. This useful report gives you a unique look into your specific conversion data but can be tricky to create. Contact us for more insight.

Error Finder

Finding errors in your site conversion and flow is something you’d probably like to do, right? You’ll like this one.

This report can be found under Conversions, then Goals, then Reverse Goal Path. The reverse goal path function works incredibly well when it comes to situations of low predictability (where you can’t be sure how specific traffic is reaching a specific page of your site). The error finder report can help you identify any elements in your site that bring traffic to an “error” message or lead them into a confusing scenario.

Bounce rates

Using the comparison button, you can specifically look at bounce rates as they compare to your site average. This allows you to effectively identify problem pages on your site, some of which might actually be top landing pages.

Initial visitor behavior

This report allows you to examine visitor behavior based on initial landing page. From collected data, you can take a look at how visitors are behaving as they navigate (or don’t navigate) your site. We recommend contacting us on this report as well: it’s difficult to locate and properly execute.

Campaign tracker

Another one that’s tricky to create but highly useful when utilized correctly, this report can give you insight on the success of your individual marketing campaigns. Being able to track different online campaigns means you’ll be able to get a solid grasp on the actual effectiveness of what you’re putting out there content-wise.

Your creative team (if you’ve got one) will love this report, trust us.

Horizontal flow

This report examines your specific conversion funnel in a horizontal view, creating “steps” along the horizontal flow that can help you identify conversion issues. For example, you’ll be able to take a look at bounce rates and other behavioral measures in a different way than just viewing some numbers.

First interaction conversion versus assisted conversion

A unique and useful report definitely worth utilizing, this A vs. B report can be found under Multi-Channel Funnels, then Assisted Conversion Reports. This report can give you a solid ratio, which can be used to complement a variety of other SEO elements.

Internal search

This report relies on the important element of internal or site search. Internal search is important for conversion analysis, and this report can help you maximize on this fact. The data reported will allow you to look at your conversion rate as it’s sourced with and without site search.

For assistance in executing any of these great reports, contact us on our website, or call us at (310) 8270-3890 for a free consultation.

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