Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2024

Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2024

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Web design evolves as fast as the technology that propels it forward. In the last year alone, we witnessed significant leaps in the direction we’re heading towards, one where AI is not just a tool but an integral part of the design process. 

In this dynamic landscape, web designers and business owners alike have to stay on their toes to constantly adapt to the ever-evolving tools, methodologies, and user expectations. This brings us to the question of which modern web design trends will dominate the year and how you can be among the first to adopt them. Keep reading to find out!

Maximalist Design

While the simplicity and elegance of minimalism can never go out of style, we’ve had enough of the plain and basic. In fact, a study by Adobe found that 59% of users prefer “beautifully designed” websites over “something simple.” This is why 2024 web design trends will lean towards embracing rich palettes, bold graphics, and an expressive user interface that tells a story people would want to listen to. 

User-friendliness and functionality would still be at the core but more and more brands would focus on creating a memorable experience and making an impactful first impression that’s aligned with their identity and culture.

Interactive Storytelling

Source: Ikony

In the digital world, attention is a commodity, and it’s becoming increasingly harder to come by. A study by Microsoft discovered that the average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to just 8 seconds presently, and it’s only continuing to shrink! So, if you want your brand to make a splash in the digital ocean, you need to engage users on a deeper level. 

Storytelling has been an integral part of web design for years now, but in 2024, web design trends will be all about creating a distinctively interactive experience. You’ll see more websites with gamified features, quizzes, product demonstrations, dynamic maps, infographics, and other interactive elements that allow users to participate in shaping their online experience.

Semi-Serif Fonts

Not everything has to be about either going back to the nostalgia of days gone by or embracing modern web design trends, and the rising popularity of semi-serif fonts proves it. Although they’re often called the mongrel of the typeface world, semi-serif fonts have their own charm, and in 2024 web design trends, they’re claiming a place on the stage for themselves. 

Semi-serifs strike a balance between the elegance of serifs and the modernity of sans-serifs, bringing an almost human-like handwritten quality that business owners can leverage to make themselves seem more approachable. In fact, many semi-serifs are called “humanist sans” owing to their calligraphic influence.

Gradient Tones

A gradient background on Sarah Guo’s website

Just like fashion, web design elements have a tendency to circle back. Gradients were all the rage in the 90s and maintained their fame until the late 2000s. They resurfaced once again in 2018 when many companies began using them to amplify their visuals. 

Given their steady popularity over the years, it seems gradients will remain even in 2024 web design trends. Hop on this trend by incorporating gradients into the smaller elements of your website such as buttons or go big with graphics, making sure to keep it easier on the eyes with white space contrasting with black.

Retro Branding

Retro branding on the website of Old Iron Press

Connecting to a wider audience requires appealing to their roots and invoking a sense of belonging. What better way to do it than incorporating elements that remind them of the good ol’ days? Retro-inspired designs do this best, and that’s why they’re making a comeback this year. 

What makes this 2024 web design trend amazing is its versatility. Whether you’re selling fashion, beauty, or hospitality, you can draw inspiration from the past and add it to your website design. Think elements such as pixelated graphics, retro color palettes, textures, and scrapbook animations.

Semi-Transparent Glassy Effect

A hero section of a credit card company with glassmorphism

Source: Dribbble

Having a semi-transparent background with subtle shadows to create a glassy effect is a modern web design trend known as glassmorphism. Glassmorphism is not a new web design trend for 2024 by any means, but it is one that has continued to wow designs, brand owners, and users alike with its sleek, modern feel. The design has a futuristic feel that draws users in and makes them take notice of what’s in front of them. Although you can apply this effect anywhere on your website, having it in a prominent place such as the hero section is quite effective for engaging users.


Adding movement is a fantastic way to make your website more interactive for the user. Web designers have been integrating motion effects for a few years now but now they’re easier than ever to implement, which is why this is a 2024 web design trend that will reign this year. 

There are a few ways you can adopt this modern web design trend for your brand. One is through micro-interactions which are small animations meant to attract the user’s attention, typically when they hover over an element. Another is through animations on the loading screen or small accent elements in the background. The key is to stick to micro-animations in a way that leads the eye where you intend it to or else you’ll end up overwhelming the user.

Dynamic Cursors 

A gif of a dynamic cursor from Peppa Sauce’s website

Since interactivity is a dominating 2024 web design trend, here’s another fun way to add it to your website. An animated cursor doesn’t have much utility but having one can tremendously enhance the user’s experience on your website. It’s another example of a micro-animation that encourages users to spend more time on your website and gives you an opportunity to foster a deeper connection with them.

Handmade Illustrations

Consumers in this day and age are moving away from brands that feel impersonal. Your web design plays a massive role in your brand’s identity so why not add a personal touch with some handmade illustrations? This is one of those web design trends of 2024 that you shouldn’t sit out on if you want to engage your users and win their trust. Even simple illustrations demonstrating your product or telling your brand’s story will go a long way toward creating a memorable experience for your users and gaining their trust. 

Oversized Text as Hero Image

Want your hero section to stand out? Then, you’ll want in on this modern web design trend. While most businesses try to put their most eye-catching graphics or information in their hero section, you might be able to get away by implementing this 2024 web design trend while also making a strong first impression in the process. Get rid of the usual background in favor of a bold typography that puts your unique selling propositions at the forefront. This works best if the rest of your design also leans towards minimalism. It’s not only a simple and impactful way of catching the attention of users but also a brilliant option for increasing your website’s speed.

Create Cutting-Edge Web Designs With Coalition Technologies

2024 web design trends show a growing interest in elements that evoke nostalgia and dynamic designs that allow users more opportunities for interaction on the website, whether it be through motion effects or storytelling. 94% of first impressions of a brand are based on their website’s design, so it’s essential that you adopt these modern web design trends early and make a strong impact or be left behind in the dust by your competitors. 

At Coalition Technologies, we help many brands bring their dream website to life with innovative, forward-thinking designs. If you need help bringing some of these 2024 web design trends to your website, contact us today!

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