Using Digital Marketing to Make Your Business Stand Out in Los Angeles

If you operate a local LA retail outlet or business, you probably have, at least, a little bit of a handle on local marketing like small-scale print ads and signage outside your business. These media elements can be effective and valuable to your overall business, but do you have a solid handle on digital marketing?

In Los Angeles, where all things web and mobile reign supreme, digital marketing can make your business stand out. Here are a few digital marketing tactics worth exploring to help your business stand out from the local competition:

Email Marketing

If you don’t currently have an email contact list and accompanying newsletter subscription group, you should consider getting one. In 2014, reading and sending emails are activities that nearly every consumer takes part in.

Email marketing involves sending mass and/or targeted emails that include content relating to sales and promotions, in-store specials, engaging stories, and other CRM content. Newsletters are a common form of email marketing, and they’re a simple way to engage your audience and customer base if content is created and regularly communicated.

If you can craft, tell a few good stories, figure out a few sales promos, and manage a contact list on a regular basis, then you can create and execute an email newsletter. When done effectively, newsletters are a perfect way to stand out in the Los Angeles digital marketing world. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be known for having a cool and interesting weekly newsletter that your customers look forward to receiving each week? We think so.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, a tactic our Los Angeles digital marketing agency specializes in, can be a valuable asset to your business as a whole. Being well-marketed for search engines means bringing potential customers right to your content or website.

If you don’t think that SEO is right for you, think about this: people are always searching for something. They’re searching for their next shoe purchase, they’re searching for new clothes for their kids, they’re searching for what to make for dinner tonight, and much more. This searching is happening literally nonstop. Especially if you’ve got an online storefront and a retail store location with shared inventory, customers are searching for what you’ve got to sell. SEO can help these people land right in your online store all because you utilized this Los Angeles digital marketing tactic.

Mobile Ads

We live in a society of smartphones. If there is room in the marketing budget, it can’t hurt to put out a couple of creative and unique mobile ads that are designed for smartphones and tablets. The possibilities are endless for what your ads can contain: sales promotions, digital coupons, and general business promotions are all available to you. Plus, you can have your ads targeted to a specific group of consumers so you aren’t just broadcasting content to the general population.

Got a few ideas for mobile ads? We can make them come to life. Find out more here.

Explore Your Options Further

Interested in talking to someone about your options for Los Angeles digital marketing? We’d be happy to help! We specialize in SEO, web design, and digital content to bring your business to the next level through digital marketing. Contact us to explore your options further!

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