Value Windows and Doors: Not Your Average Door and Window Company

At a time when many homeowners are still feeling the pinch from the recession, products like residential windows and doors are appreciated for more than looks and durability. People also need products that reduce utility costs. Implementing high-quality doors and windows often requires a significant financial investment, and many people plan to recoup the expenditure through energy savings. Multiple Window options from Value Windows

Because every residence has its own energy usage profile, calculating energy savings to the dollar must be done on an individual basis. However, homeowners can make an educated decision about which doors and windows offer the most efficiency based on the types of certifications they receive from ratings organizations that factor energy efficiency into product certifications.

Four important ratings organizations have recognized the energy efficiency of products from Value Windows and Doors: the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), Energy Star, and Enviro Sealed. Even better, the company offers flexible pricing that helps homeowners’ get energy efficient products at prices they can afford.

It Starts With Manufacturing

In the age of outsourcing, some companies still handle the manufacturing process in house; Value Windows and Doors is one of them. Although outsourcing can save money, so can insourcing and controlling manufacturing costs on your own production floor. In addition to helping keep costs low, this approach helps companies keep the price of their products steady over time.

In-house manufacturing also has a major impact on quality control. Instead of trusting the inspection standards of a third party, the company hires its own window inspectors to inspect each piece of hardware for door and window problems, such as pitting, bubbles in the glass, dirt in the glass, and loose frames. Only perfect hardware is installed in the customer’s residence.

The company backs up its high manufacturing and inspection standards with a lifetime warranty for residential vinyl windows and doors. If any of the company’s products suffer from manufacturing defects, the problems are promptly repaired after the complaint is filed. However, as most of the company’s customers can attest, such complaints are few and far between.

Everything Is Custom Made

Vinyl windows and doors can be produced in huge quantities in a short period of time. This is how some door and window companies handle the manufacturing process, cranking out as many pre-sized units as possible. But Value Windows and Doors custom makes each product to fit the spaces in a customer’s residence, resulting in tight seals that help enhance the home’s climate control.Iron doors from Value Windows and Doors

When you request a free inspection, the company sends a trained inspector to your home to examine (a) the spaces that need new doors and windows and (b)

the overall climate control needs of the residence. This type of inspection allows the right products to be selected and produced in exactly the right sizes, creating the ultimate energy efficiency approach to door and window installation.

Best of all, the company gives you a wide range of styles to choose from. We often think of vinyl doors and windows in terms of utility, but the company offers design styles as diverse as colonial and sunburst. If the exterior of your home has a unique décor; chances are that the company has a style of window or door that will compliment the aesthetics of your residence.

The Installation Process

Value Windows and Doors’ installation process is fast and unobtrusive for the homeowner. If you are having all the doors or windows in your home replaced, chances are the job will be done in a single day – depending, of course, on the number of units that must be installed. As old products are removed, new ones are quickly installed to help preserve the climate control of the residence.

Unlike many types of residential construction projects, the company’s window and door replacement process doesn’t involve large amounts of dust and noise or require workers to track in and out of the house for extended periods of time. When the products are manufactured to fit the space, additional work, such as sawing and installing additional parts, is kept to a minimum.

The installation process is complete when the installed products pass a final inspection by both the installer and the customer. The installer looks for defects that are common to window and door installation jobs, while the customer is encouraged to operate the new products and assess whether the results of the installation create a pleasing appearance for the residence.

Inspections Are Always Free

If your home needs new doors or windows, why not schedule a free inspection from Value Windows and Doors—a leading window and door manufacturer for the California region and beyond? The products are certified, praised by customers, and custom made for the needs of each home. Call today for a free inspection.

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