We’re not like most SEO companies

We’re Not Like Most SEO Companies

If you’re already thinking about your business’ Google rankings, achieving a higher volume of internet sales, or simply improving your digital presence, you probably recognize the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). If you’re reading this now, then you also recognize that the complexity of the SEO process might warrant some expert help, but perhaps you’re unsure how to navigate the myriad of “experts” who proclaim themselves on every corner of the web.

Whatever your situation or your industry, knowing what sets Coalition apart from other SEO companies will give you the upper-hand in securing exactly the services you need and achieving your business goals.

SEO and Your Unique Business Objectives

Your final business objective is probably not to achieve an X% of organic internet traffic. Rather, your business objective may run more along the lines of increasing sales by a certain percentage, expanding your consumer base to include new targets, or making this fiscal quarter your best ever.

Most SEO companies, however, do not prioritize each business’ specific objectives. Their first focus is generating a ranking around organic traffic, or in hitting certain metrics that have absolutely nothing to do with what you need to achieve in the long run.

Here at Coalition Technologies, we recognize that each business is unique. We have had the privilege of working with companies at every stage of development; from those companies just starting out, to established entities seeking that competitive market edge. Coalition’s unique approach takes into account a business’ particular goals and weaves them into a proven SEO method to ensure that’s it’s more than just the metrics that shine.

SEO is More Than Just an Algorithm

It’s a formula that ranks your website, but it’s people who buy. Ranking #1 on a specific internet search does not expand your business if your flesh-and-blood customers cannot navigate a purchase or understand your product.

Many SEO companies can and do deliver improved traffic and search rankings while simultaneously failing to deliver a proportionate Return-on-Investment. This is because their work focuses on exploiting the various web algorithms, and improving short-term KPIs, while forgetting the actual person on the other end of the computer screen.

Coalition never forgets the real person. We understand that being a successful business is not only about making your presence known to customers, but also about the quality of the customer-seller relationship. Our aim of providing work that is clear and appealing both to the customer and the web sets us apart from those who can simply yield a temporary ranking.

SEO is NOT for Everyone

In keeping with the recognition that every business and product is distinct, Coalition is the first to recognize that SEO is NOT the means to achieve every business goal. SEO is only effective at capturing existing interest. It is not effective at creating interest. While many SEO companies sign up clients regardless of whether or not SEO is a valid marketing approach for the client’s specific needs, Coalition instead chooses to provide a client with options. Expert staff from the Coalition Technologies’ team equips clients with a complete toolbox of digital marketing options, ensuring that the correct marketing technique is utilized for each unique goal. Whether through traditional SEO, pay-per-click, or even reputation management, we take the time to devise a tailor-made plan for each client.

Why a Service Package May Not Be the Answer

A pre-set, fixed-price package of specific services can be a tempting offer. It’s simple; it’s easy; there are no surprises. Many businesses, faced with the staggering complexity of SEO and digital marketing, find it a relief to simply choose an SEO package and trust that a particular SEO company will deliver results. The package services are then delivered – as neatly mass-produced and unremarkable as the package itself.

Coalition operates differently. Coalition takes into account not only your company’s distinct circumstances and goals, but also general web interest in your offerings, your competitors, as well as industry-specific market conditions. Using this highly tailored approach, Coalition can ensure that the digital marketing services utilized for your campaign will be the best for your precise product and industry.

Multiple Specialties, One Roof

Link-building, keyword research, technical SEO improvements, web design, web developing, copywriting, PR, social media management  – these are essential capabilities to any SEO campaign and many SEO companies offer adequate competency in one or two of these skills.

Only Coalition unites proven skill in ALL of those areas and more. As one of the few companies that meet and exceed Google’s own criteria of an effective SEO business, Coalition combines every SEO specialty under one roof. There is no need to contract multiple companies, or, worse, to see your hard-earned money wasted on incomplete service. As a firm with demonstrated excellence in all arenas of SEO, Coalition is your answer to both a surgical-strike SEO campaign, or to a complete, multi-tiered transformation of your business’ digital presence.

Don’t Take a Chance with Your Business

Coalition’s comprehensive achievement in all areas of SEO, exhaustive knowledge of digital marketing methods, and un-matched customization according to specific goals, sets us apart from most run-of-the-mill SEO companies. Our goal is never to simply increase traffic or boost metrics: it is to take your company as far as it can digitally go.

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