What Does Meta Mean? Digital Experts Project The Impact of Facebook's Meta Moment

What Does Meta Mean? Digital Experts Project the Impact of Facebook’s Meta Moment

The Facebook and Meta logos side by side

It’s hard to ignore Facebook’s recent rebrand, which is certainly NOT in response to the other news stories and commentaries currently plaguing the social media conglomerate. However, even those who are up-to-date on new developments within Facebook may have no idea what Facebook Meta means or what this rebrand is supposed to do for Facebook and its other companies. Let’s take a look at what Meta means, what it could hold for the future of Facebook, and what our digital experts have to say about this new vision for Facebook and its web of social media and tech companies. 

What Does Meta Even Mean? 

If you accept the first entry of meta in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word “meta” means the following: “informal: showing or suggesting an explicit awareness of itself or oneself as a member of its category: cleverly self-referential”. Given Facebook’s current track record with the public as well as current news pieces circulating about their business practices, this is an apt name. 

Moving past the totally non-ironic definition, Facebook Meta is drawn from the sci-fi term metaverse, which is supposed to refer to the company’s goals of going beyond just social media and developing new technologies (with a current focus on augmented and virtual reality hardware). These new technologies and companies are intended to make it easier for people to operate within a more fluid digital world of connected applications and technologies. 

It’s important to note, however, that the corporate name is the only thing that’s changing. Facebook is still Facebook. Now, it’s just brought to you by Meta. 

What Does Facebook’s Rebrand Achieve, and What Will Its Impact Be?

Has the shift to Facebook Meta fundamentally changed the fabric of our society and Facebook itself? Absolutely… not. While Facebook may have changed its name, it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the general public that the name change conveniently comes in the wake of recent whistleblower developments as well as conversations surrounding data privacy and how social media currently impacts people. Meta has just given the world a new name to talk about. As social media specialist Jennifer Leavens states, “Nothing says ‘everything is going great!’ like a total rebrand!”

More importantly, the shift to Meta is only the first step in Facebook’s Metaverse plan. Facebook Meta still operates the same way it always has. The technologies that they wish to design to create this web of interactive technology will take years to produce, meaning that today’s businesses and consumers won’t expect to see any major shifts for years to come; if any major changes come to Facebook at all. 

This means that everyone can go about their business as usual. Here at Coalition, our social media strategies continue largely the same way that they have previously. As PPC manager Ashok Patidar states in regards to advertising on Facebook Meta, “We will do both Meta tags and Meta ads for you. Contact us to discuss our meta management fee.” 

While the Metaverse may produce some interesting results down the road, Facebook still has to navigate current issues within its own business model, develop the intended technologies to the point where the company can achieve its dream of a connected digital universe, and do so within a timeframe that allows them to beat out their competition. Until then, Facebook Meta is simply a new name for the same corporation that we’re already familiar with.

Navigate Facebook With the Support of Coalition Technologies

The Facebook app open on an iPhone next to a MacBook

Facebook’s name may have changed, but the challenges of attracting and converting leads on their platform has not. This is why it’s important to have a company on your side that’s up-to-date on all of these developments and experienced in creating and executing successful ad campaigns on Facebook. 

Here at Coalition Technologies, we’re dedicated to providing metrics-driven marketing services for Facebook Meta and beyond, supporting you with the best and brightest online marketers to help you reach your business and marketing goals. Whether you need support with SEO, PPC, or your social media strategy, we’re here to guide you through every step of the process. 
If you’re ready to take your business and marketing strategy to the next level, contact us today to discover how we can help you grow your business.

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