What is Inbound Marketing?

What if I told you that inbound marketing is the single most powerful way to generate leads for your business? No, I’m not just ripping off lines from The Matrix; I’m sharing an important principle that successful entrepreneurs have been privy to for nearly a decade. Maybe you come from the old school, and can recall a time when business success was all about casting a wide net with fliers, mailing lists and mass-distributed coupons. Well, it might frustrate you to learn that the rules have changed. At Coalition Technologies, our crack team of Los Angeles inbound marketing experts is helping fledgling businesses turn struggles into victories, and it’s all because we cast aside tradition in favor of what works in the 21st century.

Inbound What Now?

I suppose it would help to establish what we actually mean by “inbound marketing” in the first place. Inbound marketing can refer to any strategy that drives customers to you, without you ever having to twist anyone’s arm. If outbound marketing entails print mailing lists, email lists, cold calls and other assorted solicitations, inbound marketing would be precisely the opposite. Customers are coming to because you’re giving them what they’re already looking for. Hubspot notes that inbound marketing has been the most effective means of online business since 2006, and the social media age has only further solidified this reign.


Let’s say that your company sells wireless widgets. An effective inbound marketing campaign might be to draft a comprehensive, informative blog article entitled “The Best Wireless Widgets for 2014.” Your prospective customers will find your article—entirely of their own volition—and be drawn to it. Not only will they find precisely the kind of information that they need to make an informed decision, but they’ll have the opportunity to buy right then and there. Can you see why this method is so much more effective than bombarding consumers with email blasts and begging them to buy from you? Nobody likes a needy entrepreneur. When done correctly, inbound marketing establishes you as an authority and builds trust with consumers, and you can’t buy that sort of conversion potential with all the mailers in the world.

Other Examples

Inbound marketing can work on a number of levels. For instance, you can build a social media following by posting useful information and reviews pertaining to your field, while simultaneously providing your audience with opportunities to buy. You might also pique people’s interest with useful infographics and viral videos. Perhaps still the most effective means of inbound marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is simply the process by which you establish prominent search engine rankings, thereby ensuring that your adoring public can easily find you right when they need you.

Los Angeles Inbound Marketing from Coalition Technologies

If you’re interested in taking your business to new entrepreneurial heights with effective, targeted inbound marketing, contact the Los Angeles inbound marketing experts at Coalition Technologies. We excel in building customer trust and loyalty by implementing campaigns that attract all the right people for all the right reasons. Call us for a free quote at (877) 989-7187, and see why businesses from the shores of California to the shores of Australia are partnering with Coalition Technologies.

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