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What Makes a Good Website?

Wondering what makes a good website? Ever ask yourself what it is that allows some sites to attract visitors by the thousands when others only receive a handful a day? Trying to place your ecommerce venture above the competition?

Anyone who runs a business knows that before you can earn customers with great products or comprehensive services, you need a marketing strategy to attract this potential base. At the heart of every marketing plan is a high-performing website that comes up at the top of the search results. But what makes a good website different than one that visitors never find?

Original, Well-Written and Optimized Content

Search engines like Google and Bing scan every word on a site in order to determine which websites are more likely to include valuable and relevant information for the user. Content that is thin or lacking in user appeal is deemed less important.

In addition, websites that contain a duplicate copy of content found somewhere else on the web will ultimately hinder search rankings, because its repetition will deem it less valuable. Unfortunately, many website owners are unaware that they are being held back in the rankings because someone else has copied their content. Generally, the services of a professional search engine optimization (SEO) firm are necessary to find and remove the offending content.

It is also imperative that website content has been fully optimized according to SEO conventions in order to ensure the best performance in search results. The involves organically including the necessary keywords that users search for when looking for the products and services you offer. This involves researching the exact words and phrases that will land users on your site instead of on the competition, while not over-optimizing the content and drawing red flags from Google.

Maximal Performance of Meta Data and Images

Meta data is information about your website that is unseen to the visitor, but gets communicated to search engines. This includes title tags and meta descriptions, both of which are essential in convincing Google to encourage traffic to your site.  In the same way, all images must include the proper alt text and tags to ensure they are fully optimized.

Fast Page Speed

Slow pages discourage visitors. Visitors will often give up without looking at the site, or in the least, are less likely to explore it further. Providing a friendly user experience is paramount in converting internet traffic into sales. Professional SEO companies can run page speed tests to target any components of your site that are slow to load. Employing this paramount diagnostic tool is just another part of what makes a good website.

High Rankings in Search Results

The ultimate indicator of what makes a good website is where it appears in search results. The difference between coming in at the top of the list or on the second page has a very measurable impact on profits and traffic, and can determine the sustainability of the enterprise. Good sites appear high in the search engine rankings, attracting potential clients and promoting a positive brand image.  Many great companies fail because no one can find them.

The Advantages of Partnering with Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies is a top-rated SEO firm with hundreds of clients leading their respective sectors. Not only are we one of the most experienced companies in this regard, but have a knack for innovation that places us the top of the industry. Coalition Technologies can create well-crafted, finely tuned content that is effective in both attracting visitors and completing the sale, as well as run multiple diagnostic measures to alleviate any hindrance to your page rankings.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.  We’re happy to offer a free quote without any obligations.  We’re proud to boast a 99% customer satisfaction rate. For more information visit our website or call 1-310-827-3890 to speak with a representative.

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