What Will E-Commerce SEO Look Like in 2015?

Christmas is on its way and 2014 is preparing to close up shop. As 2015 opens for business both in-store and online, retailers will take on another year of promoting their businesses online.

Among the promotional and marketing tactics that will commonly be used is search marketing and search engine optimization, but with upcoming changes to major elements of digital marketing, what will 2015 bring for everyone?

Here’s what we think.

The rise of voice searching

If you haven’t already heard, Google will be undergoing a number of enhancements and accommodations for spoken searches in 2015. Spoken searching occurs on smartphones via Siri on Apple devices and through Google’s mobile app.

Up until fairly recently, search engines have been used to physically type in a piece of information in hopes of finding a solution or answer to complete the given piece of information. Google’s enhancements to spoken word search capabilities are expected to increase consumers’ use of voice searching instead of just typing in a search on their smartphone.

What does this mean? It means that for a lot of people, typing in a search and hitting a button doesn’t have to be the norm anymore. This, in turn, means that a new player will be entering the game of search marketing. That player is the voice or spoken search.

The psychology of a search

E-commerce SEO in 2015 will need to cater to the psychology of a search more than ever before. From these upcoming enhancements to search engines, the framework of the classic search engine input will be altered.

Searches via voice message will likely bring more general and less detailed searches to the table, because users are speaking what’s on the tip of their tongue rather than taking the time to type out a search. Although even typed-out searches are still done fairly on-the-fly, they cannot compare to simply pressing a button and speaking a search. This means that the methodology for creating keywords, page titles and descriptions will need to take into account what people will search for when they simply speak a search into their phone. This can happen in a number of different ways and in a number of different contexts.

2015’s e-Commerce SEO

These changes mean that e-commerce SEO will have to adjust once again to the changing landscape of search engines. SEO needed to adapt to Google’s recent changing of title and description specifications, and it will need to adapt to spoken searching in the same way.

If you’re worried about weathering the SEO storm alone in 2015, don’t be. We can help you make the most out of your search marketing efforts, and it’s as easy as speaking with one of our SEO experts to find out more. Call us for a free consultation at (310) 827-3890, and find out exactly how Coalition Technologies can bring your e-commerce business into the future.

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