Win Customer Loyalty With These 5 Must-Have Tools

Win Customer Loyalty with These 5 Must-Have Tools

Acquiring customers is often not enough, as companies also need to focus on retaining them. Fortunately, retention costs are lower than acquisition, especially if you’re relying on inexpensive tools for winning and building customer loyalty. In this way, the lifetime value of these customers increases substantially, not to mention the potential of their spreading the word about your company. Here are 5 must-have tools for customer loyalty that your business should start using today:

Net Promoter Score Provides a Value to Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty can be quantified using the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a management tool that measures the difference between the clients who would recommend your company to others (Promoters) and the ones who are less likely to do it (Detractors). Calculating NPS is fairly simple once you understand the score that the customers provided to: “How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to your friends/colleagues/family members?” The score is obtained by subtracting the percentage of Detractors (scores 0 to 6)from the Promoters (scores 9 and 10).

This question is typically accompanied by a request for feedback, which reveals the areas that need improvement—these are the changes your company must implement to increase customer loyalty.

Email Marketing Can Increase Customer Engagement

By keeping customers periodically informed about your company’s recent business and new products, you can strengthen your relationship with them. Email marketing may seem more suitable for acquiring new clients, but it also plays a vital role in keeping the older ones close.

To assure that your emails impact how customers perceive your business, pay attention to the quality of the content and how your company is branded. Email and video marketing can be consolidated to introduce a new dimension to the interactivity of your campaign. Though requiring some creativity, establishing a tone or level of interaction sets the pace for successful email campaigning.

Additionally, gathering customer data such as their email address allows your company to engage with them regarding loyalty programs, ensuring that updates and promotions are delivered from time to time.

Trigger Actions to Improve Customer Service Response Times

One of the most important things that can guarantee customer loyalty is the time your business takes to respond to client inquiries. Being prompt when they praise your service or report a problem can encourage customers to further appreciate your business, despite their initial feelings. This course of action can also increase the chances of their positive recommendations to others.

Useful tools such as IFTTT (If This Then That) can help you to acknowledge whenever your company has been mentioned either on Google or social media. There are plenty of strategies for automating the compiling of this data into spreadsheets, so if you are interested in company branding and want to decrease customer service response times, engage in real-time response with your customer base to guarantee a positive response.

Analyze Customer Behaviour with Web Analytics

Analyze Customer Behaviour with Web Analytics

Google Analytics, along with similar platforms, provides a clear idea about customer behavior as they visit your site. Once you have organized all the data, you can place an emphasis on the most visited pages and popular products to cater to their interests.

Ultimately, web analytics can help you improve customer experience by strengthening heavy traffic areas with solid content and structure. As far as content is concerned, employ the topics your visitors are most interested in and bolster your copy in that direction. SEO is an important function in advertising your content, and web analytics are a crucial aspect of optimizing client-based success. For help in analyzing the data from your web analytics, try working with a company like Coalition Technologies.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts to Keep Customers in the Loop

Social networks represent a more personal approach than emails. It can be used for receiving feedback, organizing contests, announcing new products and special offers, alongside many other things that constitute customer loyalty.

Scheduling your posts on social media using specialized tools can help customers anticipate when they’ll receive their next update. Having a blog also facilitates not only sharing exclusive content, but the chance to connect with your customers and engage in a more proper dialogue.


Ultimately, communication is key to customer loyalty and strengthening your brand. By maintaining a positive presence and responding in a timely manner, your company can retain customers for longer periods of time.

Author: Alexandru Chiuariu

Alexandru is an Inbound Marketer at Beaglecat, an internet marketing agency specializing in lead generation for companies in West Europe and the US. If you’re interested in learning how technology companies leverage internet marketing, download Beaglecat’s latest report.

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