With the Recent Changes, Could Magento CE Be Right for Your Business?

It’s old news by now, Magento Go will be shutting down for good on February 1st. If you’re a retailer influenced by this, you’ve got some decisions to make.

Magento Go was designed for small-scale outlets. But with recent changes in the latest Magento Community, could migrating to Community be right for your business? Here are our thoughts, whether you’re an influenced Go user or just an online retailer looking for greener pastures in e-commerce.

The Latest Magento Community

If you’re unfamiliar with the Community arm of the Magento software group, Magento Community is open source and does not operate the way that Go operates from the user-facing side. This means that if you’re used to the ease of functionality in your current online store using Magento Go, migrating from Go to Community will mean taking on a little bit more responsibility and user maintenance than you’re probably used to.

The latest Magento Community features new and easily accessible basic storefront features like the ones that Magento Go was famous for.

Magento CE SEO

The open source nature of Magento Community means that users have a ton of freedom and customizability when it comes to search engines and search engine optimization. Magento CE SEO is among the most notable features in the latest version of this software.

With Magento Community, users of the e-commerce solution are able to optimize their online storefronts to exactly how they see fit. This could be through page titles and specific tags for each and every product or simply lining up sub-page locations to exactly where the user wants them.

Magento CE SEO puts the user in the driver’s seat when using search engines to benefit the overall business as an online retailer.

Lining Up Your Options

When selecting a new or migration program for your online shopping cart needs, it’s important to line up your options. This helps compare what each service has to offer for your particular online business needs. For example, Magento Community is similar to other well-known e-commerce solutions like Bigcommerce and Shopify. Each of these programs will have different benefits that are unique to your online store framework, so it’s best to line up what you’ve got to choose from and know what you’re looking for in a new program.

Find Out More

Still unsure if Magento Community is the right move? No worries, Coalition is here to help. We specialize in Magento CE SEO and web design. We can offer insight and a helping hand for your business. Contact us!

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