WordPress Features Enterprise Content Developers Shouldn’t Miss

WordPress Features Enterprise Content Developers Shouldn’t Miss

As one of the top content management systems (CMS) in the industry, WordPress has proven its value for digital content creation. The proof is in the numbers: 14.7% of the top 100 websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. The range of tools and features provided by WordPress is unmatched. 

Enterprise content is informed by high-level business goals and is designed to maintain brand identity. When it’s executed well, an enterprise content strategy can increase traffic to your website and convert visitors into promising leads and even regular customers. Enterprise content development is an investment; just like every other kind of investment, you need to know how to do it in the smartest, easiest way.

What makes WordPress ideal for enterprise content development and management? WordPress offers unique ways to enhance the value of your content and unlock business opportunities. In this article, we discuss the best WordPress features for enterprises and how to integrate them into your content management strategy to achieve your business goals.

Top Features of WordPress for Enterprise

Enterprise businesses require scalable content management solutions that are reliable and easy to navigate. WordPress has the right kind of tools for your enterprise business to thrive digitally.

Gutenberg Blocks for Various Forms

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Block Options

One of the revolutionary WordPress features that facilitates content and web development is the block editor called Gutenberg. Gutenberg blocks allow you to build pages without needing advanced development knowledge. With this block feature, you can easily set global styles for the entire website and not touch any code. Anytime you need to make adjustments, you can easily edit the styles—no HTML/CSS coding skills required! This allows you to quickly update the theme and accommodate changing needs and requirements of your visitors. 

How can the block features of WordPress help enterprises develop winning content and realize their business potential? Research shows that over 55% of people view website appearance as essential when deciding whether to make a purchase. Block options make it easy for enterprises to maintain their brand guidelines and provide creators with the flexibility they need to produce engaging and unique content. 

Customization is child’s play with Gutenberg blocks. You can change styling options at a global level, i.e., directly style core blocks in theme settings and apply it across the whole website. Meanwhile, you can also customize individual blocks to your liking. New features such as duotone and link colors widen your options and increase customizability.

Using the Gutenberg blocks can help your site perform better as well. You can assign specific stylesheets and scripts to each block you custom develop, meaning you’ll only load what you need without excess code. As the content developer, you can decide which block options to change and which to maintain. 

Backward Compatibility

Rebuilding websites in the event of a hosting failure can cost businesses massive amounts of money. This is why a consistent and constructive update structure is critical. Luckily, the update structure of WordPress is incredibly effective — each new update adds features without impacting anything added by previous updates.

This feature adds stability to your WordPress-powered enterprise website and allows you to create content confidently and safely. Hence, you can continue offering a seamless experience to your audience without having to go into “maintenance mode” each time a new update arrives. Your website’s theme and all the plugins you carefully integrated will continue running, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Plug-in Ecosystem

WordPress features an extensive plug-in ecosystem that adds unique and useful functionality to websites. You have access to over 59,000 free plug-ins on the WordPress store! If you need a feature on your website, there is a very high chance that you will find a plugin to achieve exactly what you want. From very specific plug-ins for SEO and project management to those related to web development, the WordPress store is your oyster.

Not only is there an abundance of plug-ins, but also plenty of resources and documents accompanying them that you can easily access. This makes the plug-ins very easy to implement, as well as a very cost-effective solution. Even if you don’t have much WordPress or web development knowledge, you can easily learn how to use the wide range of plug-ins and how to develop for it really quickly.

Some plug-ins, such as those that help with SEO (search engine optimization), can vastly improve business productivity. WordPress SEO can seem complicated to someone with a limited technical background, but fortunately, there is an abundance of tools that help with keyword analysis, topic suggestion, content optimization, outline writing, and even some AI-powered tools for SEO-appropriate content generation.

Scalable Design

Thanks to the scalable web design features of WordPress, enterprises can easily accommodate new products and website features. You can have multiple sites optimized to run across multiple platforms with the smoothest possible browsing experience and ready to swiftly adopt any changes needed as your business grows. Custom coding and plug-ins provide ease in adding extra pages and making radical design changes to your enterprise website.

WordPress’s multisite support provides the ability to scale websites to create many sites in one WordPress instance and maintain all websites under a hood, which can save a lot of time for content creators. If you’re running multiple domains and have different people responsible for different sites and their sensitive information, you can adjust user permissions across multiple platforms easily.

Another way this can benefit your business is that the solid backend ensures enterprise websites run smoothly and provides a seamless experience to visitors and customers. Even though enterprise websites have a larger scale, WordPress ensures they still load quickly and maintain usability for customers. 

Website usability directly affects your business — for about 60% of users, website usability is an important factor in determining future visits. For a seamless visiting experience that your customers would want to repeat in the future, you should ensure that your enterprise website is free of “digital Grinches” that can reduce sales.

WebP Express API

API Enhancements

You may have heard of APIs (application programming interfaces) before, but if you’re not familiar with developing, you may not know how vital they actually are. In a nutshell, APIs are 3rd party tools (“application interfaces”) that you can integrate into your own website for their practical features.

WordPress REST (representational state transfer) API, allows you to use WordPress as a headless content management system. This offers the benefits of more flexibility and better performance, while also being more future-proof. 

The fact that the platform is open source and very easy to customize allows you to integrate 3rd party APIs to extend the functionality of the site. For example, you can route all emails sent from the site to the address of your choice via 3rd party email sending services and achieve much better deliverability.

Another great example of API enhancements is WebP support plugins. Using WebP support APIs, you can easily route JPEG and PNG images to the corresponding WebP or convert the image if you haven’t already done so. This will help enterprises using WordPress to optimize the images on their website effortlessly and create websites that load quickly across the board.

Make the Most of WordPress Features for Your Enterprise With Coalition Technologies

With its ease of use, infinite scalability, and wide range of tools and features tailor-made for various business needs, WordPress is an excellent platform for enterprise content developers. By mastering its features, you can empower your marketing campaigns and cement a strong digital presence for your brand.

We understand that advanced web design is not everyone’s cup of tea — or at least, not everyone has the means or time to brew the perfect cup of tea. At Coalition Technologies, we have an experienced and passionate team of ecommerce web designers ready to take your business to the next level. Since our launch in 2009, we have successfully done so for over 750 websites.

If you’re aiming for a tailor-made, top-notch, and seamlessly functioning website, we’ve got you covered from start to finish. Contact us to start your journey to excellence with Coalition Technologies.

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