YouTube’s Shopify Integration: A New Way To Sell

YouTube’s Shopify Integration: A New Way To Sell

A YouTube beauty video with Shopify integration

Shopping on YouTube just got easier.

YouTube has announced a new integration with Shopify. The shopping feature allows creators and businesses to share their products organically across their content and channels. The integration includes onsite checkout for creators in the US so viewers can make purchases without leaving YouTube.

A Natural Fit

“…shopping inspiration can happen anywhere”  

David Katz, VP Shopping Product, YouTube

YouTubers already trust the platform for product recommendations, tutorials, reviews, and unboxing videos. Now, YouTube’s Shopify integration will help viewers take the natural next step to purchase the product they’ve just viewed.

For creators and ecommerce business owners, the partnership unlocks new potential for growth.

Combining discoverability and conversion gives creators a shorter and more organic sales funnel. Instead of directing viewers to leave the platform, find their website, and make a purchase, creators can now display their products natively and benefit from real-time Shopify inventory updates.

According to YouTube, the explore tab will have shoppable content for viewers in the US, Brazil, and India. We can expect the feature to be available in more countries later this year.

Sales, Simplified

For Shopify store owners, selling on YouTube will be as easy as shopping on it. The new YouTube shopping feature promises an intuitive 4-step process for Shopify merchants ready to get started. 

Integrating Shopify with YouTube is simple. Once you’ve installed the Google channel in Shopify and linked it to your YouTube account, you’ll be able to select and add your product catalog to your videos.

Shopify’s robust backend will make inventory management a breeze. Products will sync instantly with your videos, accurately reflecting changes in prices and names, while letting viewers know what’s in stock and what isn’t. 

The Future Is Live

Of the top 100 most-viewed live streams on Youtube, 60% have happened in the last two years. It’s fair to say that live streaming is here to stay.

YouTube’s Shopify integration natively supports live content, presenting an incredible opportunity for early movers. Creators can actively create engaging shopping experiences in real-time, pinning products via the Live Control Room on YouTube.

screenshot of conversion rate and average order value data

Shopping on YouTube might be new, but merchants will still have access to Shopify’s impressive admin features—including support for Google Analytics. You can track your store’s performance with a range of useful metrics and finetune your strategy to dominate this new market. 

The First Mover Advantage

With ecommerce, moving first is everything. Make the most of YouTube’s Shopify integration to give your customers a streamlined, engaging shopping experience, and see your audience grow as a result.

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