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Magento Online Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

Marketing your website on the Magento platform can have major benefits for your bottom line. Having a creative and persuasive Magento website doesn’t serve any purpose unless it is getting the traffic you want. That’s why there are a variety of ways to market your website through Magento itself.


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Magento comes equipped with an in-depth analytics and reporting service, which allows you to observe specific trends and to evaluate different implementations. The dashboard of this service provides a good overview of how your site is being seen on the Internet. Additionally, Magento will track your numbers and will analyze your sales results.

The CMS will also track your best performing products based upon the quantity purchased and most viewed products and will even provide you with a low stock metric which is useful for product management. There are many other features included in Magento’s reporting feature, like reports pertaining to search terms, product reviews, tags, coupon activity, and a breakdown of the total sales invoiced and refunded. It even identifies the best customers who use your website!



All of this reporting is extremely useful, but doesn’t do much by itself. Information is only valuable when it is being used. Coalition Technologies understands how to transform this data into the real-world results you want to see. We know what the information is saying, and we know what it means when it comes to making changes on your website.


There are many other marketing features available through Magento, which ease the burden of increasing your website’s visibility. The CMS platform also provides the ability to work within product browsing and catalog browsing modules in order to ensure that your store pages are being optimized for attracting traffic.


Magento is also perfect for managing your promotional campaigns. You can create flexible coupons which give you the ability to institute a variety of regulations associated with the coupons like store restrictions, expiration or renewal dates, particular products or categories and so much more! Of course, you can also have open coupons with no restrictions-whichever approach is best fit for invigorating your business.

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Furthermore, you can use such promotional techniques as offering free shipping, bundled products, multi-tiered pricing for discounts and particular quantities, shopping cart upsells, recently viewed products, etc. All of these tools are effective to getting bigger and better conversions. People frequently use these types of futures when making purchasing decisions, and there is no reason why your business should not have an equally influencing voice.

Whatever marketing features you need, Magento either already comes equipped with them or Coalition Technologies can make the necessary adaptations in order for you to enjoy the benefits of the platform as well as tailored service. Very few, if any, firms have the same expertise and experience with the Magento Content Management System. We’ve developed hundreds of online stores using the CMS platform, and we know how to provide a quality product that draws in revenue for e-commerce businesses.

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