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Online Media Buying in Los Angeles

Online media buying is the process of purchasing advertising avenues on the Internet. Essentially, this is composed of a variety of efforts like buying advertisement space on websites, gaining access into certain advertising networks and finally utilizing search engine advertising platforms for your business. Online media available for obtainment include banners, emails, interactive games, search engines, social media, video clips, and web portals.


Coalition Technologies understands the importance of exploring media buying options as a part of your search engine optimization campaign. We understand how to strategically acquire the advertising platforms that will lead to the most success for your company.Properly identifying which type of online advertisements will be of most benefit to your business requires a thorough understanding of your individual marketplace and the users who frequent it. In other words, you need to have a clear and accurate picture of who your online demographic is, where that group spends most of its online time, and the most effective forms of advertising when it comes to converting them into leads, sales, or even visits (whatever the end goal is for your company).

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Coalition Technologies prides itself on being able to connect our clients with the audience which will bring in the best results. This is a key factor that many other SEO firms neglect. They will simply make some conjectures of who the target demographic is, based upon the product or service, and then they will do some basic keyword research and call it a day. An approach of this nature is limited and will only bring in limited results. It is the quick and easy version of implementing an online media buying campaign.

At Coalition, however, we will give your business the attention it deserves. We will take the time to develop a minutely-detailed profile of your target demographic and then focus our efforts on understanding how those types of users interact in the online world.

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Throughout the entire process, our communications with you will be a top priority. We prefer keeping our clients in the know. Search engine optimization and specifically media buying are usually unfamiliar areas for our clients, so we go to great lengths to ensure they are informed about our actions. This lets them bring up any questions or concerns and enables us to be more cognizant of their objectives and fears.

Beyond the actual act of purchasing ads, online media buying demands an appreciation for combining a budget with a specific advertising placement that yields the highest return on that investment. This is a somewhat touchy relationship, because there needs to be a balance between the advertised product or service, the medium of the advertisement, the quality of that medium, and how much time or space is wanted.

Whether you are interested in pursuing a Pay-Per-Click campaign or in buying different kinds of display advertisements, social advertisements or any of the other types of online ads out there, Coalition is ready to be your partner in fulfilling your goals.

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