Client: AXCID Shop


Website Focus: Ecommerce

Website Platform: Shopify

Services Provided: SEO

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Fashion, Shopping

Case Summary: The client’s mission has been to provide trendy and unique stylish clothes at a price that won’t break the bank. In looking for clothes for himself, Miguel noticed that so many Instagram fashion stores have such desirable clothes, yet ridiculous prices. Miguel knew he could do it better, and used his knack for social media and branding to start the company off on the right foot – allowing him to provide fashionable street clothes that are accessible to all. His free shipping worldwide policy helps drive this point home. The next step for Miguel was to turn AXCID into a go-to spot for the hipster/trendy tumblr demographic. This involves a comprehensive and targeted SEO strategy to bring in new users interested in these types of products.

Read the challenge, our solution, and the result below

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AXCID Shop wanted to take advantage of SEO practices to improve the site and also bring the conversion rate up. This client is most concerned with the variation in the conversion rate and would like to see it balanced and more consistent. The client get most of their traffic from social media but has been wanting to bring in a new stream of customers through organic search.

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Some of the things we have done for this on-trend retailer included fixing 404 errors, creating and implementing an HTML sitemap, and writing optimized copy. We also analyzed backlinks that were causing 404 errors and resolved those issues.

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Compared to last year, organic sessions improved 30% and organic new users increased by 63%. Overall, the site received 410% more sessions, increasing from 37k sessions this year to 188k this year and attracted 488% more new users. Organic revenue  is up by 196%, with organic transactions increasing by 146%. Overall revenue up by 1,215%, increasing from $12k in revenue last year to $158k this year and overall transactions increased by 1,007%.

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