Door Locks Direct

Client: Door Locks Direct


Website Focus: Ecommerce

Website Platform: BigCommerce

Services Provided: SEO

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Home & Garden

Case Summary: This door hardware products supplier offers homeowners and contractors 13 years of experience. One year after starting with us, yearly organic revenue has increased 175% so far from $197k last year to $540k this year.

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After switching platforms in 2018, Door Locks Direct saw a significant dip in their sales. They wanted to get back on track by bringing more customers to their website and increasing their revenue through SEO.

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We implemented several updates to the product filtering feature, allowing users to more easily select the handles and locks which met their requirements. Several technical updates were made which included streamlining mobile usability and improving page load times. A huge amount of SEO copy had been created and applied to the home and category pages, as well as new and re-optimized blog posts. The website now boasts a complex network of internal links that allows visitors to educate themselves into a sale. New and returning visitors are now able to browse by product, finish, and brand, and will soon be able to shop by function.

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One year after starting with us, organic revenue this year so far is 175% higher than last year, increasing from $197k to $540k.

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