Forensis Group

Client: Forensis Group


Website Focus: Lead Generation

Website Platform: WordPress

Services Provided: PPC, SEO, Web Design, Web Development

Business Type: Business to Business

Client Industry: Law & Government

Case Summary: This company provides forensic experts, witnesses, and consultants to law and insurance professionals. They have won multiple awards and have been featured on many television shows for their work. They needed help to generate more leads. They turned to the SEO experts: Coalition.

Read the challenge, our solution, and the result below

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Forensis Group first approached Coalition looking for web design and development services, then later added SEO and PPC as well. They needed to attract more private and public clients that would make use of the services they offered.

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Coalition did multiple mockups of the homepage and other important landing pages, solidifying the design aesthetic this client wanted. We worked to optimize their homepage, wrote pages of optimized copy, built reputable links, and added client testimonials to increase traffic and usability for their potential clients. We also began a PPC campaign that drove up the amount of leads they received.

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After working with us for a few short months then beginning their PPC campaign with us, this legal services provider saw an increase of 78.85% in their conversion goal rate. We also achieved an average session increase 60.01% over those few months. Their PPC campaign is still going strong, and we expect these numbers to keep improving.

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