GG Blue


GGblue crafts luxe, high-quality and fashionable golf and tennis apparel. They offer women sophisticated, yet comfortable sportswear through their online store. The brand owners wanted to redesign their website to be more engaging, modern and desirable. The client believed that site issues such as 404 error pages could be limiting the effectiveness of their ongoing marketing campaigns.

Our partnership with GGblue has produced great results for the clients, and we are committed to delivering high-quality Shopify web development and marketing services to GGblue.

We developed using a Shopify theme with better aesthetics, integrated apps, and items that would reduce bounce rate and increase revenue. Our marketing efforts have produced their highest click and open rates, as well as a 74% increase in overall revenue.


We performed a site review of and noted that the site had several issues. One of these includes an oversized static banner on the homepage. Also, the site’s search function was antiquated, and needed to be changed in order to help customers find the products they were looking for quickly. This affected the all-around usability of the website, and possibly the conversion rate. Many of the images on the homepage were too large, which contributed to an unbalanced homepage.

The sort function on the category page lacked a filter to allow users to search for what they need using different features. Missing from the category pages were Add to cart buttons to minimize the number of steps to make a purchase. These issues were included in the design of the new site to have a much better aesthetic and approachable look, and our team also integrated important apps and items to increase conversions, sales and reduce bounce rate.

Our team also worked on GGblue’s rebranding efforts of partnering with a sponsored charity. To gain insight into the type of charity the brand’s audience would support, Coalition designed an email marketing strategy that showcased the brand’s new elegant design along with a survey form seeking responses. had several issues.

GG Blue’s old home page with oversized static banner

Old Homepage

The homepage had an oversized static banner as well as an ineffective search function button. The following images show some of the issues discovered in our preliminary site analysis.

Old Category Page

Similarly, the category pages had large images, resulting in a longer page with unnecessary white spaces and inadequate content. Also, there was no video displayed on the homepage. There were no sort functions or add to cart buttons. The next image depicts these issues on the old category pages.

Old category page for GGblue with large images and inadequate content


The owners felt that the homepage negatively affected customer engagement. To convey the chicness of GGblue, we ensured that the new site would not only be embedded with text, but with high quality images and video. We meticulously mapped out a design for GGblue to include apps for Cart Convert, Instafeed, Discounted Cross Sell and Quickview. Great effort and time were placed in the development of showing the color swatches and size charts on the product pages to enhance customer shopping experience.

Successful addition notification to shopping cart on the new GGblue website

Customized Apps

Our development team added a video to the homepage to increase customer engagement. We customized the following apps: Cart Convert, Discounted Cross Sell, Instafeed, and Reviews. Also, we implemented a populating mega menu that featured product categories and subcategories. All the featured categories were listed on the homepage of the website. now shows color swatches on the product listing that will change the images when a user clicks on the swatches.

Email Marketing

We revamped the email automation templates with fresh designs and engaging content. Our team analyzed how best to target the interests of the brand’s loyal base. A/B testings were conducted to determine how to grow GG Blue’s audience, as well as to develop the best automation strategies to re-engage and nurture their customers.

GGBlue email marketing template

Final Product


Our team removed the oversized static banner, and replaced it with multiple banners that highlighted products and offers with strong Calls to Action (CTAs), that are easy to read and are linked to related pages. The home page also has a video, which should increase the client’s search ranking, build consumer trust and increase conversions, clickthrough rate, retention rates and backlinks.

Updated Homepage

Our team removed the unnecessary white space, and added adequate content to flow better with the layout of your page to increase its aesthetic appeal and improve UX. The below image shows the new homepage of

New arrivals product page for GGBlue
Revised GG Blue homepage

Category Page

Our team added the filter to allow users to better define their search experience and find what they are looking for. Add to cart buttons were also added to minimize the number of steps to achieve a conversion and improve user experience. We also added ratings to each product to indicate the social proof about the products’ quality. This is one of the updated category pages of

Custom Apps

Our team developed a Shopify shopping cart. The theme used was customized for the Cart Convert app, Discounted Cross Sell app, Reviews app, Instafeed app. We also installed an SSL Certificate and set up payment gateways as well as domestic and international shipping methods. We utilized a responsive design, which makes sure the site would be compatible with mobile devices.

Email Marketing Results

Prior to working with us, GGblue’s email marketing campaigns were on average 80% sale campaigns and 20% branding content. Our team utilized best practices and historical data to deploy emails at the best possible time for the brand’s audience. After redesigning the email templates, the brand’s email campaigns were now 80% branding and 20% sale campaigns. Our efforts netted an open rate exceeding 40% and a 8.9% click rate. Both these rates were the highest rates the brand had seen to date.

Six months after implementing new email automation, the average open rate and click rate grew to 72.5% and 16.8% respectively. GG Blue’s email audience list grew by more than 4.8%, surpassing the industry average 3% growth rate six months after going live.

After a year of partnering with Coalition, the brand’s yearly organic revenue increased by 71%, with monthly organic revenue of $14k. Organic transactions increased by 65%, and overall revenue for a total of $75k, an increase of 74%.

Our team created a modern, sophisticated, fashionable and lifestyle oriented website which is more engaging for visitors. The client is extremely satisfied with the final results.


increase in overall revenue

$75,000 from $43,000


Click rate


Open rate