Led by two brothers, Porvata supplies home and office equipment that improve productivity, creativity, and focus. After operating for over a year, Porvata sought Coalition Technologies to upgrade their website ADA compliance, and grow their brand through targeted marketing efforts. We discussed in detail the level of compliance Porvata was aiming for, and came up with the best strategy to implement these tasks according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Porvata experienced great success with their now ADA-compliant website and we expect great things with their marketing campaigns.


Porvata needed help with conveying the custom idea of their brand, growing organic traffic and conversions, and increasing their brand awareness. The client was concerned that their previous site negatively impacted users’ experiences, and that it was not ADA-compliant and could expose them to legal issues.

The client’s site was built on Shopify Plus. We started by running an audit to identify the issues that needed to be resolved. A client specific strategy was designed to correct the non-compliance issues discovered in the audit. The client and our team decided to continue with the Shopify Plus platform as it was robust enough, and would be able to evolve to meet and surpass the needs of its users and the industry.


ADA Compliance requires that all electronic and information technology channels including websites be accessible to people with hearing or visual impairments. Using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), two of the three levels of conformance were drafted and addressed for the client’s site. These were Level A and Level AA.

Level A ADA-Compliance Fixes

We began by performing an audit of the website and designed a unique strategy to correct the issues identified. To meet each criteria we focused on strategies that would improve website security, crawling and indexing, and speed. Our efforts corrected the issues found in the audit.

One of the first Level A compliance items that we resolved was correcting the content and visual elements issues discovered in the audit. Each element found on the site were corrected to contain texts or an img with an alt attribute. We further added content to all the alt attributes that were already listed on the site. All the spacing issues between the attributes were removed, as well as all of the blank current labels.

Level AA ADA-Compliance Fixes

Among the Level AA compliance items we reviewed and corrected was changing the text and background colors to ensure that they have enough contrast. The colors on the updated website were updated to be within the consistency requirements of the WCAG. Once we completed correcting the Level AA errors that were not restricted by Shopify’s requirements, we updated the CSS outline and border styles to meet the ADA visual standards.

Using our unique quality assurance testing methods, we confirmed that the website was accessible and compliant on mobile devices as well. To meet Google’s preference for a great mobile experience, Coalition was able to seamlessly improve customer experiences as we addressed the audit findings. Our efforts enabled porvata.com to further expand its mobile customer base.

Final Product


One of the key principles of web accessibility is using a flexible design that meets different user preferences, needs, and browsing conditions. A clean and modern layout is ideal for engaging site users and reducing the chance that a user will bounce from a site, and return to the search results. Using a flexible design and well-written content, site users are better guided to what they are looking for. The new site is now able to convey Porvata’s custom idea with great ADA-compliant content.

Homepage Design and Development

Our team added product feeds on the homepage. Both the header and the footer previously lacked contact information and important links. Our team added the necessary links and information on the homepage, as well as Instagram feeds. We also reduced the size of the banner and added trust, reviews, and security badges .

Customized Product Pages

Using a modern Shopify Plus theme, we updated the site’s product page layout. Text on images on the product pages are now readable. We also added value propositions such as free shipping on all products, 90-day guarantee, fast shipping, and made sure that store contact information was prominent on the site. Add to Cart, Buy It Now, and social sharing calls to action (CTAs) were also added to product pages. Site users can also utilize an image slider to view other products.

Cart Page with CTAs

The previous site’s HTML sitemap was missing. When customers added product to their shopping carts, no notification or message was shown stating that the product was added. Our team added a pop-up notification message to show that a product was added to a shopping cart, as well as other CTAs. The new cart page also has the Continue Shopping CTA located at the top.

Additional Snippets

We also updated internal links so that they point to their correct destination. With no multiple redirects, pages take less time to load. Our team also implemented an organization schema to provide search engines with a better understanding of the content on each page. This would increase porvata.com’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) by being displayed as rich snippets of information beneath the page titles. Some of the snippets we included were contact information, why our products, logo, product information, social profiles, reviews, star ratings, and video.

Ongoing Partnership

Our client was extremely satisfied with the functionalities of porvata.com. They have decided to continue their relationship with us by signing on with additional marketing and flex account services. Once the new ADA-compliant website was launched, we optimized their home and category pages and launched their pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns.

Our SEO team worked on the creation of keyword-optimized content for the new porvata.com. We analyzed and pursued Porvata competitors’ links and incorporated them into the client’s link profile. To date, this home and office equipment specialist continues to see increased revenue levels for each subsequent month post-launch.