Case Studies

  • MailersUSA

    MailersUSA is a wholesale supplier of an assortment of shipping and office supplies. This office supplies brand has been focusing on growing its online and wholesale channels. The client was frustrated with their website and highlighted several of its pain points. It was slow, did not have enough content, and they desired a more modern ecommerce page layout. Read on to see how we redesigned, developed, and launched to be a robust and ultrafast website that is easy to navigate and actively engages users.

  • Porvata

    Led by two brothers, Porvata supplies home and office equipment that improve productivity, creativity, and focus. After operating for over a year, Porvata sought Coalition Technologies to upgrade their website ADA compliance, and grow their brand through targeted marketing efforts.

  • 1ink

    1ink is a discount ink cartridge company run by a pair of brothers in Los Angeles. They asked Coalition to boost their organic search rankings. Our SEO team helped them grow revenue from organic search results from $525k to $918k in a matter of twelve months.

  • Compass Health Brands (Carex)

    Carex, an online store selling home medical equipment, wanted to overhaul their website in order to get new clients such as caregivers and grow their revenue. Find out how Coalition helped revive their website and improve conversions.


    This family owned and operated printing company offers quality and competitive pricing for large and small printing needs. This approach led them directly to Coalition. To quote our client: “we have one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly custom websites in the industry”. We think that speaks for itself. But if you’re not convinced, take a look at our numbers in the Results section.

  • Zogics

    This fitness equipment and products company is a one stop shop for fitness facilities, hotels, and businesses that emphasize a healthy lifestyle. Looking to increase sales, they signed up for our fitness SEO services. Six months into their campaign with us, their revenue increased 87.96%

  • Unisan

    This family owned and operated sanitation supply business began in California in 1993. They offer companies solutions for workplace hygiene as well as safety and other office supplies. After 6 months with us, Unisan has seen a 47% increase in overall monthly sessions and a 27% increase in monthly revenue.

  • Milspec Direct

    Find out how Coalition’s SEO campaign more than doubled direct and organic revenue for this wire and cable manufacturer, known in the industry as the “Mercedes Benz of extension cords.”

  • Cute Notebooks + Journals

    This Southern California company wants to bring its customers unique designs that inspire, motivate, and bring joy. They offer journals, coloring books, meal planners, and more. After 10 months with us, their site is receiving 1,627% more organic sessions.

  • Test Equipment USA

    This company’s name says it all – they sell test equipment. From electrical to environmental, their inventory covers it all. They came to us wanting to move their sales focus from Amazon to their own website. One of their biggest areas of focus was to increase their organic users – which we did, by 314.25% in the last year.

  • Wurf

    Do you ever get tired of sitting in that office chair day after day? Wurf has the cure: work and surf. Their anti-fatigue mats offer a standing option to improve circulation, posture, and comfort. They approached Coalition looking for a BigCommerce website that would bring their “surfboards” into more offices. We integrated their CMS and a review system into their site. Take a look.

  • Baron Medical

    Baron Medical has all of the essential equipment for doctors, nurses, and medical professionals. Read on to see how Coalition was a life saver for Baron Medical.

  • House Bound

    This furniture store specializes in contemporary pieces for both homes and businesses. They asked Coalition for help redesigning their website to make it more user-friendly, and to help with SEO while doing so. Coalition got to work: speaking extensively about their brand image, drawing up and revising mockups, and ultimately building a site that both customer and search engines would love.

  • Isolite

    This dental solutions company provides dentists with implements to improve their patient care. Isolite systems are efficient and effective. They needed a website that would do the same. Coalition designed and launched their homepage with appropriate collection categories for products, which was their main concern. Take a look at our work!

  • Top Quality Gloves

    Gloves and infectious control products are extremely important in any medical or dental office. This distributor offers a wide variety of options to meet any medical office’s needs. They came to Coalition to build them a site that displayed their products and allowed their customers to have account with their system to make ordering a breeze. Take a look!