Unreal Brands


Founded in 2011, Unreal Snacks provide healthier chocolate snacks to consumers. Despite having undergone several evolutions since its launch, the brand believed that they have plateaued and wanted to grow their business.

Our team discussed with the Unreal Brand their needs and entered into a partnership to build a user-friendly website that would boldly reflect the brand’s “Unreal” vision and tone.


Unreal Brand’s homepage before the redesign

The client wanted a user-friendly website that would reflect the “Unreal” vision and tone of their brand. Approximately 25% of their revenue comes from online channels such as Amazon. The clients mentioned that the current site was antiquated, the shop feature was not integrated, content was missing from many of its pages, and overall their website did not properly align with the brand. They needed our help to correct these issues with a cleaner and modern site.

The client’s goal was to have a website that was more commerce-focused. The website should make information accessible and allow customers to easily place an order. The client also wanted the website to be a hub for a more integrated marketing approach.

The client wanted their online shop to be a substantial revenue channel and an avenue for building valuable relationships with their customers. Unrealsnacks.com should be an easy platform to shop on and the main point of contact and feedback tool for their customers.

Unreal Brands previously outsourced their direct-to-consumer (D2C) operations. Not liking the results, they sought Coalition to spearhead all their marketing efforts to grow their brand. With the team’s help, the brand successfully launched Certified Vegan snacks that are made with Fair Trade Certified ingredients and are free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and dyes.

Old product page for Unrealsnacks.com


Design and Development

We started by creating a clear and simple site navigation. Our team discussed with the client different platforms that would be able to handle all customizations, and Shopify was chosen. The core of the site will focus around the brand’s products and customers purchasing directly from the new website. However, if site users have a different reason for their visits, these actions should be immediately available.

Our team implemented several apps on the new site. Among them are Omnisend for the client’s email marketing campaigns, Reviews.io for reviews response and monitoring, and a custom Contact US page with radio buttons. As the brand also specializes in seasonal products, we also integrated a Holiday SKU to show first on the category page. Our team of developers also implemented a redirect strategy and Freshdesk as the customer management tool.

Hands drafting a design for a website
two women looking at code on a monitor


The client wanted to also offer their products via subscription service. We integrated the Bold Commerce plugin, which provides API-driven customization options that the brand owners can now use to build and scale the best subscription service for their needs. We created banners for their homepage carousel and added several category pages in the navigation menu. Filters were also created for spam referrals, and plugins were installed to optimize the cart and checkout pages. All unwanted pages were removed from the XML sitemap, and goal tracking on the store locator was launched.

The primary goal of the new site was to highlight online purchases to increase conversion rates and average order value (AOV). The new unrealsnacks.com is now more engaging and easy-to-use, much to the client’s satisfaction. Once the site was completed, our team optimized content and keywords for their home and category pages.

Final Product


The following images show select pages of the brand’s website before and after launch. Our team made updates that would be reflective of the tone of the Unreal brand.

Unreal Brand’s homepage before the redesign

Homepage Before

The previous homepage did not display featured products, lacked content, and was antiquated.

Unreal Brands' new homepage

Homepage After

The homepage now displays featured products and has an adequate balance of product images and content. Additionally, site users can now shop directly from the homepage. Brand owners can assess site engagement metrics through the use of the social media apps and email signup that have been integrated on the homepage.

Old product page for Unrealsnacks.com

Product Page Before

The old product page was overloaded with color. While the client uses bold colors, they felt that site users may be overwhelmed by the background.

Newly-launched product page for Unrealsnacks.com

Product Page After

The product page now has a neutral background that allows products to stand out. Product reviews were also added. Moreover, site users can now view the ingredients when they click on the products from the product page.

Old category page for Unrealsnacks.com

Product Category Page Before

The old site did not allow customers to easily access a wide variety of Unreal Brands’ products.

Unreal Brands' product category page with menus and filters

Product Category Page After

Unrealsnacks.com now has a dynamically populating mega menu with images, a drop down menu, and navigation menu—enabling users to easily access a wide variety of products.

Post-Launch Results

Five months after launch, the site saw a 50.79% increase in ecommerce conversion rate; 34.62% increase in organic transactions; 26.97% increase in revenue; 24.70% increase in average session duration; and a 27.5% decrease in bounce rate.

Visitors now regularly come back to make purchases. Currently, returning users generate over half of the revenue on the site as they continue to enjoy the ease of use and overall experience.