Sedation Dental Center

Client: Sedation Dental Center

Website Focus: Ecommerce, Lead Generation

Website Platform: WordPress

Services Provided: SEO

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Dental, Medical

Case Summary: For those who experience anxiety going to the dentist, Sedation Dental Centers is for you. This San Diego office offers a deep sleep through anesthesia for all its dental cleanings and procedures. They came to Coalition looking for more people to knock out with their incredible service. After only one month after beginning SEO work, they saw a tremendous increase in organic traffic, with 81.71% of users being new users to the site.

Read the challenge, our solution, and the result below

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This specialist dentist offers a unique service to its customers. They promise a pain-free, worry-free way to get your teeth cleaned. They approached Coalition looking for SEO work for their two dental offices.

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We began with the highest priority tasks, such as adding a chat widget, fixing internal link issues, linking to social media, and optimizing their images. We also added a blog and wrote multiple guest posts, as well as added a scholarship and outreach email pages. These are just a few of the SEO strategies we used to help improve this client’s traffic and keyword rankings.

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Within one month of beginning SEO improvments, this dental office’s organic search generated the majority of site’s traffic, accounting for 61.43% of all sessions. Overall, the site generated a total of 350 sessions this month, of which 81.71% sessions came from new users. We also saw increases in user behavior metrics, such as spending more time on the site and viewing multiple pages.

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