Silver Tips Tea


After closing their brick-and-mortar store, Silver Tips Tea focused on growing their wholesale and online channels. Since then, the brand’s site has undergone several changes to serve its customers. The owners were still dissatisfied and sought Coalition Technologies to design and develop a modern website. Read on to see how we designed, developed, and launched, achieved positive ROAS on pay per click advertising, and increased brand awareness.


The clients highlighted several pain points with the existing website. First, it was disorganized, clunky, and not visually appealing. The site was hard to edit and not mobile-friendly. Moreover, the owners complained that it was not marketing-friendly and that content was not structured correctly. Users were unable to quickly find the products that they were looking for, and complained about page load speed which contributed to the site’s high bounce rate.

Our audit detected numerous site pages with a 404 status code or “not found” errors on the old site. All these 404 status codes affected user experience, as users were not able to get the information that they are looking for and negatively impacted overall shopping experiences. The site’s homepage also lacked adequate copy. Additionally, had an active SSL certificate that would be expiring soon. An expired SSL certificate exposes the data of its users and makes the site susceptible to attacks. The site audit returned a low authority score for the website.

Site images lacked descriptive file names and alt texts. Also, some of these images’ resolutions were not within the required specifications, resulting in the site’s slow page load speeds. The client wanted the new site to be more user-friendly, agile to edit, and be able to handle multiple promotions. should reflect the brand’s vision and provide exceptional user experience, and increase revenue levels.


Design and Development

Using a new Shopify theme, which includes built-in reporting, our team designed a site and integrated multiple third party apps for reviews, email marketing, styling, and other business goals.

Administrators can now import images to the new site. Product images are supplemented with adequate copy, product reviews, and an easy checkout process. A prominent and easy to use site search navigation section was incorporated into the new shopping cart. Our team also added a “You Might Also Like” section on the product pages to increase conversions, encourage upsells, and grow average order values. 

Our team developed custom blog posts and custom blog categories for the brand. We created custom static pages with unique layouts for Silver Tips Tea’s images, text and video embeds.  In addition to the payment gateways installed, the site now has domestic and international shipping capabilities and store email accounts. We also installed an SSL certificate that will authenticate the site’s identity and enable an encrypted connection. Social media channels were also linked to the homepage.

Silver Tips Tea About Us Story
Mega Menu of Silver Tips Tea as seen on a mobile device

Mega Menu now has a custom-built, dynamically-populating mega menu, featuring product categories and subcategories with a static banner. Site users have easy access to all pages on the site, which should lead to improved bounce and conversion rates. The brand’s new arrival and best seller products are visible, and users can better understand the value of the products with their unique selling propositions (USPs) as icons. Our copy team wrote credible, direct, easy-to-read, and current content for the new site.

Once we completed, our marketing team immediately optimized the brand’s home and category pages, linked their social media channels, and launched their SEO, PPC and Email campaigns.

Final Product


Home Page

The home page now reflects the brand’s vision, is easy to navigate and use, and has several apps installed to assist site visitors and administrators.

Silver Tips Tea’s New Homepage
Silver Tips Tea’s Product page

Product Page

Content is now arranged in a way that users can now find products more intuitively.  Images now have better resolutions that are within the required specifications, and are accompanied by descriptive file names and alt texts.

Cart Page

The new cart page provides shoppers with the ability to view and add new and featured items to their shopping cart, improving user experience for the shoppers and, consequently, revenue levels for the brand.

Silver Tips Tea Shopping Cart page
“High Tea, Afternoon Tea - Is There a Difference” blog article on Silver Tips Tea’s website

New Blog Category

The blog category section of has an adequate balance of images and text for a better, more informed shopping experience.

We performed quality assurance (QA) testing on several devices, versions of web browsers, and operating systems. All 404 site error issues were corrected.

Marketing Results

With the new site launched a few weeks prior to Black Friday in 2021, the brand saw a 50% increase in total transactions, as well as a 34.76% increase in revenue for the period November 15, 2021 to December 15, 2021.

For this same period, there was a Return on Ads Spend (ROAS) of 1296%. For the period ending March 2022, the site continues to see increases in overall sessions and overall new users.


Growth In Transactions

one month after launch


Increase In Revenue

one month after launch


Return On Ads Spend

one month after launch