Client: TimescapeUSA

URL: www.timescapeusa.com

Website Platform: BigCommerce

Services Provided: PPC, SEO, Web Design, Web Development

Client Industry: Jewelry

Case Summary: The advantage of having integrated marketing, design, and development teams shows most when we can bring all services together on a single account. Find out what we accomplished for this Midwest retailer!

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A prominent Midwest retailer who specialized in luxury European timepieces came to Coalition in the summer of 2014 after self-managing their advertising campaigns for close to a year. After throwing good money after bad, and never getting a return on investment, Timescape turned to Coalition.

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Coalition revamped existing Adwords campaigns to ensure that they were properly structured for testing, research, and controlled improvements rather than blind luck. These paid ads then provided a baseline of information for landing page performance and organic search marketing keywords.

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With the relaunched PPC campaigns operating in full, and organic SEO leveraging the data they generated, online sales have flourished. Overall advertising costs were cut nearly in half and online sales revenue has grown by over 200% within their first year as a Coalition client.

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