Client: TruConnect


Website Platform: Magento

Services Provided: PPC, SEO, Web Design

Client Industry: Computers & Electronics, Internet & Telecommunications

Case Summary: Whenever you challenge the billion dollar mobile data industry, you want Coalition Technologies at your side.

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TruConnect was introduced to Coalition in October 2011 by another client. A startup in the very crowded and very competitive mobile data service market, TruConnect’s previous agency had struggled to meet performance and budget targets.

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After reviewing the previous firm’s work, it was easy for us to see why the company was struggling. Most of the marketing efforts were addressed as singular operations, without any forethought to data gathering, coordination, or long term strategies.

We hit the big red “Reset” button on TruConnect’s marketing efforts, starting with new landing page designs and revamped, granular PPC campaigns. Once the foundation was laid, we ratcheted up an SEO campaign aimed at moving TruConnect up in the organic search rankings.

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Throughout the 2011 holiday season and beyond, TruConnect saw continuous, month-to-month improvements in its rankings, its revenues, and its return on investment. TruConnect saw a drop in CPA from $40 per consumer to $20 per consumer. Revenue increased by over $30,000 and average monthly sales are now double what they were when we began. And all in the course of a year!

Coalition now is consulting TruConnect on its first rounds of social media strategy, as well as introducing the brand in new marketplaces. The first half of 2012 has proven very strong, and we are expecting that the second half will be even better.

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