TV5Monde USA

Client: TV5Monde USA


Website Focus: Ecommerce, Lead Generation

Services Provided: SEO

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Arts & Entertainment

Case Summary: This company offers premier French TV shows, sports coverage, and films to US audiences. They came to us looking to increase their traffic and ultimately their subscribers. Comparing the first 8 months of the campaign to the last 8 months, traffic has increased by 46.44% and new users are up 65.36%.

Read the challenge, our solution, and the result below

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TV5 Monde wanted their programming to reach more viewers in the United States so they turned to the top ranking SEO Agency. They signed up for our premier SEO services and we have increased traffic to their site every month.

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We have written optimized copy for their category pages, restructured their URLs to be secure, fixed page speed load issues, and implemented microformats. We continue to work with them to suggest improvements and make the appropriate changes to continue to increase traffic.

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Comparing the first 8 months of the campaign to the last 8 months, there has been a 29.04% increase in organic sessions (50,231 vs 38,927) and organic new users are up 43.59% (31,429 vs 21,888). Overall, traffic to the site saw a 46.44% increase, from 93,601 sessions to 137,070 sessions. New users also saw improvement, increasing 65.36% for a total of 86,439 new users.

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