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  • jerad

    I used Coalition Technologies for SEO services and was really impressed by the team's professionalism and knowledge. I had previously used SEO teams but had not had much success or reporting so I was really happy to work with these guys. 5-stars all the way!

  • joshua

    I worked with Joel and Jordan on getting my new website designed, built and optimized. In our first meeting, they took the time to understand all of my needs and really went in depth through all my requirements . There was a bunch of factors I hadn't even thought of until they brought it up! After my site was built, they didn't just leave me alone to try to figure out how to get traffic to come. I strongly recommend their service.

  • michelle

    I really liked Coalition Technologies educational approach to SEO. They are very transparent and provide great reports on the work that they are doing. The team there did a good job of getting me results and teaching my team and I best practices so we could help ourselves too. I highly recommend Coalition for people looking for search engine optimization.

  • daniel

    The team at Coalition helped me launch my website and then partnered with me over the next several months to do SEO marketing work on it. My traffic has been almost doubling each month which is really awesome for my business! Thank you Coalition and keep up the good results.

  • craig

    Coalition helped me to design a fantastic website for my business and also was able to show me how to drive traffic to my site through their SEO services.

    Thank you. I highly recommend Joel and his team!

  • ryan

    I recently hired Coalition to build my website and manage my online marketing. I have been astonished by their professionalism and knowledge. I interviewed multiple Web Design Firms and SEO Firms and none of them have even come close. I would recommend them to anybody who is interested in building a good looking site and generate a lot of traffic and revenue through their proven online marketing techniques!

  • jessica

    Had a great experience working with Coalition to re-design a client's website! Was really impressed by their fast customer service and their dedication from start to finish. They offer good advice and suggestions in making the best website possible. Client loves the new site and so do our web visitors.

    Definately recommend Jordan and the rest of team at Coalition! You guys are awesome!

  • darrin

    The overall experience of creating my e-commerce store definitly did not happen over night. Other than that the team at Coalition Technologies did a good job. I would recommend their services.

  • The overall experience of creating my e-commerce store definitly did not happen over night. Other than that the team at Coalition Technologies did a good job. I would recommend their services.

  • justin

    Coalition helped me work on a great web design for one of my business that was the perfect combination of something that looked better than my competitors but also drove people towards doing what we wanted them to do, call us or ask for us to call them! I have seen some increases already and know that in just a few months my investment will be made back in what I have invested in reputation management and web design with these guys. It has been an investment well worth it for this happy customer!

  • levi

    The search engine optimization work Joel has done for my web design clients has been superb.

    During the process of building search rankings he is very responsive to emails, phone calls and he meets with my clients located here in Los Angeles. He has increased customers for several clients and has helped me win more business!

  • chris

    We have used Coalition Technologies on several web design and search engine optimization projects and have always had great experiences. Thank you!

  • lisa

    I found Coalition Technologies Website Design and SEO on Yelp and noticed they had a coupon. Money off is what every new business owner needs. :) I called them up and told them I know little to nothing and needed them to walk me through what to do and what they can do for me. They gave me outstanding customer service. They listened and explained at a level I could understand.

    I would recommend this company 100% for your web design needs.

  • Coalition Technologies is a very smart, buttoned up Web Development company. They bring a good attitude and do excellent work fast and for a reasonable fee. And they are always willing to help when we're dealing with an issue. I strongly recommend Coalition.

  • I have used Coalition Technologies a few times now and recommend their services completely. They werw wonderful to work with and highly professional. They took my initial thoughts and ran with the design and development just the way I expected.

    They know what they're doing and it was worth every penny.

  • Coalition Technologies Delivered!

    I highly recommend this firm for web design and search engine optimization. They showed me what they could, quoted me a very reasonable price, and got the work done quickly, within 48 hours quickly. I had no trouble getting in touch with the team working on my site, and they kept me informed about the work they were doing.

    This an extremely talented and professional company.

  • Before, I rarely received leads through my website and whenever I tried doing PPC, I always lost money. But since hiring Coalition Technologies, I am generating a couple great leads a month and he has made my PPC campaign profitable.

    The CT team was quick to respond and avaliable to meet up in person whenever I asked.

  • susan

    I was looking for Los Angeles web design companies and stumbled across Coalition Technologies. There were some really good reviews about the company so I gave them a call since I needed a site built for my flower shop. All I can say is that I am very happy that I gave them a call. They built me a very nice website that suited my business perfectly. I was so pleased with the website that I ended up using them for their SEO services as well. That is still in the works but so far so good.

  • jeremy

    I am very satisfied with the quality of work of Coalition Technologies and will be using their services again. I have primarily used their web design services, and they deliver a solid product at a great price. Really a good deal considering the high prices out there.

    Check them out, and ask for Jordan in sales - he will take care of you!

  • night

    I found Coalition Technologies on Yelp and decided to try them out because of their five star rating. I usually don't get that excited about restaurants or services that I've had, but I can honestly say that CT did a SIX star job on my website. The designers were extremely helpful and nice and helped guide me through the whole process of designing my new website. Once the site was finished, their SEO worker did a quick job of pushing my site to the top of search results. I am recommending CT to everyone I know.

  • I just had a website made for my print media firm and was astonished with the results I had. Our local rankings and overall traffic have increased 10x, but the phone calls and leads id have to say are up about 20x. The quality of our image is so much better and we are incredibly excited about the results we are seeing.

  • adam

    Finally got my own ecommerce site, got sales the first day. I found these guys on yelp and found out a friend had used them. I knew I needed more than just a site, I needed seo promotion. Its going well and im super super excited!

  • I've been with Coalition for a while now and am very happy with all of the work that they've done!

    After two failed attempts to get a website up and running, I found Coalition Technologies and they got it done and have really helped me out. So, if you need a new website or a new look, whatever, give them a shot! I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

  • JDM Engine Imports would like to to thank you very much for everything, we wouldn't be where we are now with out the help of your company! We will continued to tell everyone who needs website/ marketing, seo results to come here it is a all in one web company with proven results!

Linkedin Reviews

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  • jeanne

    I'm so glad I found Coalition Technologies. My old SEO company constantly left me in the dark and when it was all said and done, I really didn't see any change in the amount of visitors my company's website was getting, let alone the amount of revenue. But the guys at Coalition actually listened and took the time to learn about my industry, and within just a couple of months, I was seeing record traffic and making more money than ever before.

  • david

    I was really nervous about hiring a custom developer for my site, but I found Coalition on the Magento Partners page, so I thought I'd give them a shot.

    I couldn't believe how quickly they got the site done, and how great it turned out. They really listened to all of my strange demands and put together something that was even better than I had pictured in my own head. I can definitely say that I would use their services again.

  • nemanja

    I hired Coalition Technologies for web development and SEO, and I can't say enough good things about them. My business finally has a professional website that I can be proud of, and traffic has never been better.

  • fletcher

    I have to admit, when I decided to take my business online, I had no idea what I was doing. I don't know anything about building websites, marketing, or getting noticed in the search engines. I felt like I was completely out of my league. Luckily, a friend recommended Coalition Technologies and I decided to give them a try. They built my website from scratch and helped me to and I now I'm selling more products online than in my actual store!

  • roxane

    Joel did the right thing. When approached with a call of service, he handled it professionally, in a timely manner. Joel does what he says and I recommend him for that.

    Thank you and wishing you all the best.

  • findley

    Joel is a highly intelligent and extremely motivated young man who has impressed me time and again with his ability to find opportunities that others have missed and take full advantage of them. He takes pride in educating himself as thoroughly as possible on any topic concerning his business and as a result seems to always be a step ahead of his competition. I recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to work with Joel take it, as it will be to your benefit.

  • victoria

    Joel Gross is an online marketing expert. He has strong experience building websites which drive incremental sales for his clients through SEO, PPC, and viral marketing techniques. I have known him for more than four years, and can speak very highly of his character. I met him at the UW, worked with him at Visible Technologies, and have remained in contact with him while at Google. He has a strong work ethic and prides himself in getting the job done right.

  • alex

    Joel's intelligence and business knowledge are years ahead of his age. The discussions we had on potential business opportunities prove his dedication and motivation to succeed in the business world. I was continuously impressed with his ability to analyze various scenarios. He is not afraid to think outside the box, but at the same time keeps a realistic perspective. Joel would be a major asset to any company or organization.

  • Joel Gross's work at Visible proves that he is an intelligent and innovative person. He is well equipped to tackle the challenges faced in the corporate world. He is tech saavy and takes initiative to analyze the overall efficiency of campaign projects to ensure success. He always looks out for the best interest of the team and our clients. He is an asset to any company who employs him.

  • rebecca

    Joel is valuable member of the team who shares his knowledge and support easily.

  • chris (1)

    Joel and I have known one another professionally for five years. I ran client strategy at Visible Technologies, while Joel ran point for SEO & online PR. Subsequent to VT, Joel and I have worked together on a handful of high-profile projects where Joel has taken point. His breadth of knowledge in the SEO and web/platform development space is immense. Everyday I learn from him as I turn to Joel for best practices and leadership. Joel and I will continue to collaborate, and I will further recommend his services and expertise for years to come.

  • fitzer

    I have referred many of my clients to Joel at Coalition Technologies. The feedback has been great every time. I appreciate that Coalition Technologies can handle more sophisticated projects like Adwords management, app creation, and custom web design which are essential these days.

  • justin-platt

    I've been working with Joel for almost two years now. I've sent several BigCommerce clients his way and have never heard a negative word back from anyone. His level of expertise is hard to match when it comes to SEO & design. Additionally, Joel is always eager to to share his wisdom with the folks at BigCommerce. Coalition is a part of our team even though they're several states away.

  • kenny

    Joel is a results driven web design, development and marketing professional. He has a consummate understanding of business and how to positively impact his clients bottom line. He takes the time to learn about your business; analyzing the opportunities and challenges to develop and implement strategies to achieve clear cut goals that he has set. And Joel continues to learn and improve his skills. Every time I work with him, he is more impressive than the previous time.

  • monique

    I have know Joel for a few years now and have trusted him to take care of my web needs from SEO to design and have been very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend him to any other business owner that does not want to manage their websites on an everyday basis!

  • amy

    Joel Gross is a sharp businessman with an eye for strategy. I worked with Joel on countless SEO projects, large and small, with a range of objectives, criteria, and shifting priorities. Joel's approach is calculated and calm. He never fails to get things done or to do them the right way, taking the time to invest in the right methodology that will ensure both quality of work and return on investment.

  • nick

    Joel is extremely motivated and hard-working. It's been exciting to watch his company grow over the past few years, and there's no way that would have happened without delivering awesome results for his clients.

    Joel's entrepreneurial spirit runs deep, and there's a comfort in doing business with someone who knows the world of small companies, limited budgets, and return on investment demands.

  • mike

    I hired Coalition to create a responsive design website for my business, and they really went above and beyond. They not only developed a great looking site with everything I wanted, but they also came up with some fantastic designs and even helped with the marketing. I would absolutely recommend their services.

Other Reviews

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  • What attracted us to CT was the success stories of other clients and CT's stated in-depth knowledge of what needed to be done. What we find most valuable now, 4-5 months into our working relationship, is the individual, consistent weekly attention and meetings.We find the project management capabilities of our new account rep to be exceptional, thorough, and meticulous.Even though relatively little time has passed since we started working with CT, we believe the results are starting to show and we look forward to continued improvements.

  • alliedwallet

    By way of reliability and proactivity, we've been able to develop a significant level of trust in Coalition Technologies. Igor and Paula are fantastic to work with and always readily available for any questions, concerns, or ideas that develop. We constantly feel that our relationship with Coalition is cared for and nurtured in a very attentive nature, thus, perpetuating positive results.
    Scheduling lunches and face-to-face meetings are very helpful too and enable us to build a better bond, loosen up, and really throw around potential ideas of how we can do even better.The fact that you are local and make yourselves available for those means a lot to us.
    Thanks, Igor and Paula!

  • kravmagaworldwide

    What I appreciate most about working with Coalition is that I find Chase and Igor to be both incredibly knowledgeable and professional. The responses to my inquiries and problems are timely, clear, and concise. I am not as technically savvy as Chase and Igor but they are always willing to explain and clarify things. I also think that Chase and Igor have provided us with innovative ideas and strategies for SEO and they have reliably supported us as we've tried to implement said ideas and strategies.

  • You guys have been great to work with.

  • Coalition Technologies was a wonderful partner. They built two sites for our footwear brands and made the process painless. They came in on time and on budget, can't ask for more than that. In addition to that, they were always willing to explain the technology in a way that made it easy for us less "tech-fluent" types to understand. I couldn't recommend them more!

  • trumpetandhorn

    Your team has a solid understanding of our brand & is very flexible with our desire to be hyper-involved with all content publishing & design decisions. On the other side of the coin, we can stay pretty much completely uninvolved in SEO decisions & our rankings remain awesome. It seems like magic!

  • nscorporation

    I have enjoyed my entire experience. I am very pleased with the design of our new look site and for all of the knowledge I have acquired about SEO, PPC and online advertising as well. I have recently started working with Kelsey and we are getting much deeper at a rapid speed. I was thrilled to send her more offline information about our company, it tells me you and your team go deeper to really understand the philosophy and evolution of our business. I can tell you that how we are transitioning our media related spend from print to online is pleasing to me – there is a tremendous value add here – we could end up spending less money but achieve a better return on those dollars. Also, thank you for dummying down Google and “Googliness” for those who grew up “off of the line.” (Movie - The Internship - for those who didn’t recognize the lingo).

  • On the ball; proactive: great follow up; productive.

  • Nikki and the rest of the Coalition team were wonderful to work with! We had a very short timeframe to get a new site up and running and they were able to meet the tight deadline. They kept everything organized for us so it was easy for us to stay on track. They are extremely knowledgeable in all things web related including the Shopify platform. On top of that, they delivered a beautiful design for us! Looking forward to working with them again!

  • drdaleswellness-center

    I am pleased with how things are going with your team's help.

  • superspinner

    Thanks for your proactiveness in bringing great ideas. That is why I continue working with you guys and the real value you bring.

  • restoration

    The site looks great, very professional & sleek. I am impressed as it is far better than our other sites in the past & present.

  • clint

    I was very impressed with Coalition Technologies. I called them told them what I needed, within 3 hours they called back with a game plan and a quote. The next day I approved the quote, and in just hours they had my project done. Hugo took very good care of us at Clint & Sons, we'd suggest them to everyone.

  • rfpa

    Jordan and his team were quick to assist our team when we needed additional functionality using an existing Shopify App that we didn't create. They did their own research, gave us a timeline and stuck to it. Once they completed their work, we did our testing and found NO BUGS afterwards! Now that's great coding and service - thank you!

  • app

    We are very pleased with the site that Coalition Technologies built on the Shopify platform. Their team of experts provided exceptional help every step of the way. They were able to quickly help us conceptualize and design our store. From start to finish we had a dedicated member of the team to help navigate the various aspects of the site creation. Coalition rocks!!!

  • hestia

    If you need Shopify help look no further. Jordan and the team could not be more helpful! They are very quick yet so professional. I cannot recommend them enough and guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with their work. They are absolute experts and I am so happy with their work.

  • app

    We are just wrapping up our work on App To The Rescue. I wanted to write and let you know of my extreme satisfaction with the work that Sam and Rue completed.

    Rue did an amazing job with the graphics for the site! Sam is a rockstar! I ask A LOT of questions and came into this needing a good amount of handholding.

  • stanton

    On behalf of Stanton & Company, we are so thrilled to be working with Coalition Technologies! In addition to implementing promotions and designing e-newsletters, they have worked diligently with us to ensure we (and our clients) receive exactly what we're looking for.

    In addition to all of the great work they have done so far, we are working on improving reach and efficiency through their analyses of CTRs, SEO, Facebook media buys, etc. Such valuable insight!

  • stanton

    Coalition came highly recommended by multiple other trusted business partners and we have not been disappointed.

  • Coalition Technologies helped us out greatly. We actually contacted three Shopify Experts and after days, we heard no response from any of them. We shot a message over to Coalition and within minutes I had an email response. Within 30 minutes, my theme was fixed. These guys are professionals. Thank you so much!

  • skin

    Coalition is a professional web design and development group out of California. When I say professional, I mean it! Their American team knows whats needed in order to deliver more than just pictures and words on a page.

    Jordan is a professional that does an awesome job at listening, then delivering on your objectives. I'm sure he'll "wow" you.

  • atomic

    I interviewed several different companies from all over the country and a few outside of the country before I went with them and after being left underwhelmed with the competition, Coalition Technologies was the clear choice.

    Coalition Technologies did all of this perfectly, and I'm confident they will do the same for you.

  • healing

    Coalition was as good as their word (impossible to find these days). Love the work you guys did on, and you made it look easy! Can't thank you enough, and can't stop looking at the site!

  • cad

    Oh my gosh!! They are so awesome! I don't think I can even try to explain the elatedness about those designs. This is probably routine for you but after five months of dealing with the other designer for CAD and a year and a half of dealing with multiple other designers for my other company, for you to have this after a week and for them to be so great, is incredible.

  • Coalition Technologies has proven to be a valuable partner in our digital marketing efforts. They are very resourceful and find creative solutions for some of the challenges we face in delivering succesful SEO with our client properties.

  • Mirabella

    Coalition has exceeded our expectations. We had previously worked with a number of developers, both international and domestic, and none could offer us what Coalition has. They understand our company and brand image. They respond quickly, often instantly, to our needs. They take pride in their work and will see a job through, even when we get picky. Our website has been greatly enhanced in its ease of use and aesthetic appeal.

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