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River Comics

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Case Summary: This company offers unlimited comic books online through their app for a low monthly price. These comics bring a new experience to the genre as they are animated and given voiceovers by the creators. Within 3 months of working with us, they have seen a 235% increase in monthly sessions.

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River Comics

Challenge Icon Challenge

RIver Comics came to us after their app began development but before launch. They wanted to increase traffic to their site, gain interested subscribers, and receive feedback on user engagement as well as popular comics.

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Some of the tasks we have completed for this comic application include that we wrote optimized copy, wrote and published PR articles, and redesigned their homepage. We also redirected all http pages to https, created a button for their header, and created goal tracking for their submission conversions.

Result Icon Result

Within 3 months of beginning work with us, organic search saw great monthly traffic improvement, increasing 76%. Overall, the site received 235% more monthly sessions and overall new users saw growth as well, increasing 186%.

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