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Selfie Leslie

Client: Selfie Leslie


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Case Summary: This Australian-based company came to Los Angeles in 2016 offering the latest fashion trends. After the first year of our campaign, they saw a 404.9% increase in organic traffic and a 717.39% increase in organic revenue from $14k to $115k.

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Selfie Leslie came to Coalition looking to drive more organic traffic to their site. They wanted to see more stability in their revenue as well as successful Google AdWords campaigns. They signed up for SEO and PPC with us to meet these goals.


Aligning with their primary goals, we have written optimized copy focusing on keywords that will convert and bring in the consistent traffic they are looking for. We have also begun our link building process, fixed mobile usability issues, and have set up our Google AdWords campaigns.


Year over year data shows that organic traffic has improved 404.90% from only 10,131 to 51,151 sessions. There has been a 261.12% increase in total site traffic, an increase from just 127,556 sessions to 460,634 sessions. During this time, organic revenue also increased 717.39% from $14,076.82 to $115,062.16. Overall revenue has increased by 475.28% ($420,464.72 vs $73,089).

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