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Smoke Tokes

Client: Smoke Tokes


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Case Summary: This wholesaler and distributor of smoking and vaping products is located in downtown Los Angeles. They were experiencing some problems with their website and wanted help transitioning to B2C. Over the course of their campaign with us, they saw a 75.71% increase in organic revenue.

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Smoke Tokes

Challenge Icon Challenge

Although experienced in the B2B market, Smoke Tokes came to us for help with B2C. They wanted to establish trust with their customers with their affordable products and comparable quality to other brands. They wanted us to start by helping to fix their flawed checkout process, then transition their B2B company into B2C.

Solution Icon Solution

As part of our work, we submitted an XML sitemap, fixed crawl errors on the site, updated links on the homepage, and updated the contact page. We also created a custom 404 page, fixed issues with the age verification popup, and fixed issues with url duplicates.

Result Icon Result

When comparing the first 30 days of their campaign to the last 30 days of their 10 month campaign with us, they saw an large improvement in organic revenue. Organic revenue had increased by 75.71% in those 10 months.

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