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Watch Warehouse

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Case Summary: This discount watch dealer came to us knowing they needed a site redesign as well our SEO and PPC services. Comparing year over year data, organic revenue has increased 169.11% and overall revenue has grown 107.43%, from $132k to $275k.

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Watch Warehouse

Challenge Icon Challenge

Fully aware of our reputation in the SEO industry, Watch Warehouse signed on for the complete package- web design, SEO, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), email marketing, and social media marketing.

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After designing their new website and logo, we optimized their site and their PPC efforts. We designed new pop-ups, implemented an email marketing campaign, and improved page load speed, among others. Our web dev team added a view by price section in the top navigation menu, implemented a reviews system, and created banners for holiday sales.

Result Icon Result

In comparison to the previous year, the site is attracting 89.36% more organic users. There has also been a 87.51% increase in organic new users. Organic revenue has increased by 169.11% ($75,187.51 vs $27,939.09) and organic transactions have increased by 128.89%. Overall, there was a 41.38% increase in traffic. Overall revenue has increased by 107.34% from $132,855.89 to $275,458.91 and the overall transactions increased 90.48%. After almost two years with us, their Google Ads campaigns showed an ROI of 2,257% with a spend of $7,235 generating $170,562.

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