Keys to Creating Successful SEO Landing Pages

5 Keys to Creating Successful SEO Landing Pages

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Landing page SEO optimization is a core part of SEO strategy, particularly as we approach the holidays. But, many companies don’t take full advantage of what SEO and keywords on the landing page can offer compared to other pages. This is unfortunate seeing as 53% of all internet traffic starts with a search. The home page is great because it can be directed to many different audiences. It’s the place to show off the best of what your site has to offer, with many different sections catering to different groups. More importantly, the landing page is essentially the heart of your site. It should be the root of all your SEO efforts. See below for the 5 keys to successful landing page SEO optimization.

The Decline of Keywords

Before we get into the 5 main keys, it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t rely on keywords in your landing page much anymore. While keywords are the bedrock of any good SEO strategy, it’s an obvious solution that isn’t getting the results it used to. Google is much less interested in keywords than it used to be. Thanks to new technology, Google can capture the theme or concept of a site without keywords. It can then match those themes and concepts to searches, rather than the keywords themselves. Keywords are still valuable, but won’t necessarily give you solid returns like before.

Communicate Relevance

The first key to landing page SEO optimization is to communicate your relevance right off the bat. Users form first impressions of your site incredibly quickly and will rely on it when deciding to shop with you. You can have the best keywords, link building, and have the top spot on Google, but that means nothing if you can’t get people to actually use your site once they arrive. You need to make it clear to users why they should shop with you.

Intent for Everything

When people search on Google, that search holds a specific intent. The best landing page SEO optimization clearly addresses the intents of visitors through that search. For example, if you know your site generates traffic from searches for “buy cheap black couch” make it easy to buy a black couch from the landing page. Don’t just advertise the couch, sell it to satisfy the intent of buying in the search. The same goes for question searches, which make up nearly a tenth of all search queries. Address the question directly on the front page. Knowing the intent behind searches and capitalizing on them yields powerful results.

Clear and Simple Interactions

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The next key for landing page SEO optimization is to make your users’ desired interactions really simple and intuitive. Landing page keywords are one thing, engaging the user and those keywords is another. If a customer wants to buy something, there should be an option to buy it directly from the front page. If they want to browse or shop, make it easy to get there. If they want to see the best products in a category, show those categories or direct them to them. Also, reviews are incredibly useful for extra interaction on products.

Constant Focus

The biggest takeaway for interactions in landing page SEO optimization is that it should always be focused on what the users want to do. If you have a large stream of users going to your site to search for phone cases, and all you do is advertise charging cables, your site will fail. What customers are looking for should always be a top priority.


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Customers aren’t only using your site on a desktop. In fact, slightly more than half of the worldwide web traffic comes from phones. Ensuring that your site looks as clean on mobile, as it does on desktop, is a must for landing page SEO optimization. Of course, while establishing a good mobile site is enough to keep customers from leaving, if you really want to impress users, go all out. Adapt or modify your content to be represented in the best-looking and smoothest-feeling way possible. Landing page keywords aren’t going to impress and attract customers. Responsiveness will.

Get Your Customers to Vouch for You

This may seem obvious, but customers love social proof of a company’s success. It can make a huge difference in the benefits you reap from your landing page SEO optimization. And, because of its high value to customers, it adds value to your Google ranking. Any reviews work, whether it’s a gigantic stack of number ratings or one really good testimonial. People will trust your brand because they know others have had good experiences with it.

More Coverage

A specific advantage of socially generated content is a larger amount of coverage. Reviews can touch on terms and themes beyond what you’ve established, allowing your brand to expand to a larger sphere of influence. The more consistent and updated your reviews are, the better coverage your site will have.

Update Constantly

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Landing page SEO optimization isn’t something you do once and never think about again. It’s a process that must consistently be performed to garner the same benefits. Your landing page and its keywords may be doing great at one point before suddenly falling off a cliff. Refresh your content to stay relevant and keep bringing in new users. Your efforts here will not only be visible to visitors but to Google as well. Google crawls sites looking for changes. If the site is being cared for and up to date for the current audience it will greatly benefit its ranking. This is also a key that goes along with general SEO. The more you update, the better your efforts will pay off.

Stay Consistent

Overall, the most important thing you can do for your landing page SEO optimization is to keep working at it. If you become complacent with your site, visitors and Google will too. The more you update your site and get people talking about it, the more likely you’ll be to rank highly on Google and further saturate the internet with your brand. Don’t settle for just okay. Always go further for your landing page.

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