Coalition Launches New BigCommerce Website for Totally Tack

Coalition Launches New BigCommerce Website for Totally Tack

Coalition completed development on Totally Tack’s horse tack website three months early. We designed a quick and easy-to-use website with a responsive layout and improved Core Web Vitals, including content loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability. In addition, by integrating with the BigCommerce platform, shopping processes are now straightforward. As a result, this online horse store may see increased online presence and users going forward. Keep reading for the full story of Coalition’s site transformation!

totally tack horse website screenshot


Totally Tack is a UK-based equine supplier. They incorporated their horse tack website with a storefront and ecommerce presence. Business owners Dawn and John are highly knowledgeable and passionate about their practice. Despite this, they had concerns about the speed and functionality of their current site. They also expressed disappointment with their previous development team that left them with problems in both areas. That’s why they turned to us. They wanted a swift, comprehensive overhaul of their site to improve speed, functionality, and usability. With this in mind, we began to develop goals for how to deploy the site upgrade.

Development Goals

Our list of goals for this horse tack website included the following:

  • Development of a BigCommerce shopping cart
  • Responsive design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) integration
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Dynamically populating the mega menu
  • PayPal Pay Later
  • Sitewide text banners
  • Branded and styled native checkout experience
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • Advanced promotional tools such as discount codes and tiered pricing
  • Google Analytics ecommerce installation.

Once we had these goals established and outlined for the new online horse store, we settled on a timeframe of December to have the project finished. 

BigCommerce Shopping

BigCommerce, if you’re unfamiliar, is considered “ecommerce for a new era.” It’s widely considered one of the most versatile solutions for a robust, differentiated commerce experience. On top of that, it has high-level security and scalability. In short, it’s a flexible, powerful, secure choice with many valuable benefits for our new horse tack website. It makes it easy to add any number of modern tools, from Apple Pay/Google Wallet to smooth shopping cart functionality. All in all, users benefit from a myriad of conveniences. This is crucial, as 94% of online shoppers don’t trust outdated or poorly designed sites. As a result, people will feel more satisfied with the site and be more inclined to shop there in the future.

horse tack website responsiveness (mobile view)

Responsive Design and SEO Integration

A responsive design is one of the pinnacles of modern ecommerce and web development in general. If a site is difficult to use, people won’t bother returning. So, optimizing the horse tack website for smooth functionality was one of our top priorities.

SEO integration is more of a marketing tactic. It’s our best tool to ensure our online horse store shows up on the earliest Google result possible. It’s a known fact that people don’t go to the second page of Google results. With SEO, common keywords and data are interwoven into the site to guarantee it is one of the first results. With both of these combined, Totally Tack is likely to see vastly improved site traffic.

Core Web Vitals and Dynamic Menu

The Core Web Vitals are a set of standards to ensure an engaging, easily accessible horse tack website. It guarantees the best possible experience for users. The vitals are content loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability. A site that loads faster attracts more customers. Roughly 65% of shoppers prioritize convenience above all else, so interactive websites retain those customers, and visual stability keeps the user experience consistent. 

As for the menu, we wanted to build a dynamically populating mega menu that features categories and subcategories with a static banner image included. Put simply, the menu should update new categories and subcategories automatically, making the site simple to manage for both the business and customers.

horse tack website payment

PayPal and Sitewide Text Banners

By incorporating Paypal Pay Later into the horse tack website renovation, we allow users to make short-term, interest-free payments directly through PayPal. Since it’s all run through PayPal, Totally Tack still gets all payments upfront, and the user has more opportunities to buy items of their choice. It’s a win for both parties.

We wanted to create regions in the page builder for the client to add banners throughout the site on all pages other than the checkout page. However, this takes more effort to implement as it is not a default marketing banner functionality for BigCommerce. Ultimately, it’s an efficient way for this online horse store to manage its site.

online horse store checkout

Branded Checkout and Customer Reviews

Crafting a unique branded checkout for our horse tack website development was one of the best ways to let Totally Tack stand out from the competition. People naturally flock to better-looking sites. With ours being one-of-a-kind while still retaining expected functionality, it does a lot to motivate buyers to return in the future. Plus, with trends in visual culture evolving faster than ever, it helps to stay ahead of the game.

horse tack website reviews

Additionally, reviews and ratings are a necessity for any modern online store. Without them, the site appears as if it has something to hide. The standards for our reviews and ratings go hand in hand with checkout, creating a unique feel while still feeling familiar. With these accomplished, the site really sets itself apart.

Advanced Promotional Tools and Google Analytics

Advanced promotional tools help the horse tack website function more like a traditional store. They include discount codes, tiered pricing, coupon codes, and gift certificates redeemable online. These tools add an extra layer to the shopping experience as the quality of features will attract more users.

As for Google Analytics, we wanted to make sure the online horse store is equipped with the right built-in features for SEO practices in the future. Using the Google Analytics suite, we can track usage statistics and commonly searched-for words to best coordinate future marketing efforts.

A Site Well Done

We had a large list of services to integrate with our horse tack website upgrade. From the incorporation of BigCommerce to the Core Web Vitals to unique styling, there was no shortage of work to be done. Our end date of December seemed like a fair reach. Miraculously, we completed the overhaul three months ahead of schedule, a testament to our development team’s organization and skills. Despite the speed, no features were left behind. The Totally Tack website is smoother and more functional than ever. We here at Coalition are excited about Totally Tack’s future and many more web development successes to come.

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