Coalition’s SuperBOWL

With Superbowl Sunday right around the corner, Coalition hosted its own battle of strength and athleticism. At 4pm on Friday January 31, the team closed out their spreadsheets and Google Docs and headed to El Dorado Lanes in nearby Westchester. Tensions ran high as Bronco’s fan Josh went head-to-head with Seattle-bred Stu – our MVPs of the night. Hugo may have showed up late, but still showed us up with his slick bowling swagger; leave it to Hugo to make bowling look cool!

Bowling was the perfect opportunity for us to get to know our two newest team members a little better: Sean, the Designer, and Scott, the SEO intern. We’re all glad to have these smart and talented professionals on our team.

As for the girls, Amber made some serious damage on the food court, and Tara represented with the no-nonsense move caught on film below.

Thank you Amber, Hayden, Josh, and Igor for planning this great event!

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