JW Media signs up for SEO Assistance from Coalition Technologies

JW Media Signs Up For SEO Assistance with Coalition Technologies

JW Media is an industry leader in print order fulfillment, creating large scale banners, flags, and other promotional products for businesses. They are dedicated to using advanced technologies and the highest quality materials when creating advertising materials.

As a wholesale retailer, they deal exclusively with industry professionals, with an emphasis on turnaround time, quality of materials, and competitive pricing not available to the general public. Some of their best selling products include wide format printing, 13oz vinyl banners, advertising flags, retractable banner stands, and printed table covers.

Partnering with Coalition Technologies

JW Media has years of experience creating signs and keeping their business profitable, but they came to Coalition Technologies because they were interested in reaching new customers and garnering more sales with their subsidiary company, 777 Sign. Beyond providing customer service oriented strategies, like great prices and swift turnaround times, they want to implement new marketing strategies with SEO and PPC campaigns. We will be optimizing the copy on their website, writing new copy for major pages, including the Home and About Us pages, and launching an extensive PPC campaign.

Coalition Technologies often partners with companies to create high-quality copy for SEO and PPC campaigns, but JW Media is interested in involving themselves much more deeply with the marketing strategy and giving their input on every aspect of a project.

Challenging the Sign Industry

After an analysis of the 777 Sign website and an in-depth meeting with that company’s executives, Coalition Technologies discovered a unique challenge that 777 Sign faces: content poaching by competitors. Recently, competing sites have been stealing content from the 777 Sign site and posting it on their own sites. To stay ahead of these poachers, Coalition Technologies plans on overhauling all of the written content on the 777 Sign site. This new copy will be very focused as well as highly relevant and appealing to the company’s clientele.

Achieving Success

If you’re looking for a marketing and web development company to boost your sales, increase organic traffic, or redesign your website, Coalition Technologies can help. Reach out to us today by phone, at (310) 907-7823, by email, at [email protected], or online through our contact form.

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