a perfect fit coalition partners with akfitwear

A Perfect Fit: Coalition Partners with AKfitwear

akfitwear womens sportswear

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the new AKfitwear website. AKfitwear is an up-and-coming women’s sportswear company from Colombia that decided to take the next step and break into the English-speaking fitness market. Needless to say, we’re honored that AKfitwear decided to choose Coalition Technologies to make that happen, and we’re very excited to watch this incredibly promising brand grow here in the U.S.

Sportswear with a Bold and Modern Twist

If you’re in search of exciting, uniquely designed sportswear, then AKfitwear is the company for you. Choose from a wide variety of leggings, tops, and top bras, each with unique patterns and colors that are sure to turn heads at the gym. AKfitwear offers retro exercise clothing that pays homage to the flashy workout outfits of the 80s, as well as sleek, modern options with futuristic designs. AKfitwear sells clothes that are look great, are fun to wear, and they allow you to perform your absolute best.

akfitwear workout clothingInnovative Workout Clothing

Aside from awesome designs, there are plenty of other reasons to use AKfitwear clothing. The company uses intelligent microfiber for superior moisture control so you can feel comfortable and confident all day. Perfect for Pilates or yoga, AKfitwear takes the best features of today’s best sportswear and combines them into something completely unique. This is premium workout gear fit for even the most discerning athletes and fitness professionals.

Our Work with AKfitwear

We wanted to make a website that would let AKfitwear’s striking designs command center stage. Simple but effective, the white background allows the photos of the clothing to really pop. Our expert team used a standard Shopify build to facilitate a user-friendly shopping experience that also includes plenty of maintenance and customization options for the site owner. We also included a wholesale user setup and multilingual integration for English and Spanish clients, allowing AKfitwear to reach a much broader audience.

akfitwear sportwear for womenInstagram Integration

Social media is critical to the success of any fashion brand. Plenty of today’s fashionistas rely on social media for tips on the latest trends, and Instagram is a major player. In order to boost the company’s Instagram following, we integrated the app directly into the front page. Now visitors can quickly see exactly the type of content they can expect, and they can connect with AKfitwear with ease.

Challenges and Successes

Throughout the scope of any major web development, there are bound to be some obstacles, and our professional team is always up for any challenge. Since AKfitwear operates in both LA and Colombia, our diverse, global team was able to anticipate the need for a longer project timeline. In the end, we were able to stay within the budget, and the company was thrilled with the results – another Coalition success story!

Choose Coalition Technologies for Your Web Needs

These days, a strong online presence is vital to the success of your business. If your website and/or social media pages could use some work, our team has the skills, creativity, experience, and passion to take your company to the next level. To get started, call at (310) 907-7823 to speak with someone right now. You may also send an email to sales@coalitiontechnologies.com, or send us a message through our online contact page for a fast response. Get in touch today to see why today’s most promising brands choose Coalition Technologies.

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