Shopify Editions Winter 2023: Key Updates

Shopify Editions Winter 2023: Key Updates

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Shopify releases hundreds of feature updates each year, fine-tuning its platform further to enhance the experience for merchants, developers, and consumers. The Shopify Editions Summer 2022 update introduced B2B on Shopify and brought many improvements to Hydrogen—their headless storefront web development framework—as well as, Shopify Markets, Shopify Fulfillment Network, and other areas. 

The Shopify Editions Winter 2023 update followed shortly after with an even more exciting slew of changes that promise faster checkouts, custom content creation capabilities, AI-generated product descriptions, and more. In this post, we’re discussing some of the new Shopify updates of 2023 that excited us and our Shopify clients.

Faster One-Page Checkouts

A Shopify store using a one-page checkout

Complicated checkouts with multiple fields and steps are one of the biggest reasons why people abandon carts. Having an optimized checkout flow not only lowers your cart abandonment but could also boost your conversions by as much as 35.62%. This is why Shopify has now overhauled the native checkout into a faster one-page experience with the Shopify Editions Winter 2023 update. Additionally, they’ve introduced a new drag-and-drop checkout editor that makes customization and branding much easier than before.

Sync and Sell On YouTube

With about 2.5 billion active users, YouTube is only second to Facebook. The “Sync and Sell on YouTube” update from Shopify lets you connect your store with your YouTube channel and reach out to your target audience through on-demand videos and live streams. You can sell your products and services to users while they’re watching your videos and provide more information right below with pinned chats or with tags at key moments during live streams. And since this Shopify Editions Winter 2023 update is integrated directly, product information inventory details are always up-to-date.

AI-Generated Storefront Content

Shopify’s AI-powered product description generator

By now most of us are aware of the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Shopify is keeping pace with this revolutionary tech with its new AI-powered feature “Shopify Magic” which can help you generate engaging product descriptions in the blink of an eye. 

You can use this to adjust the writing tone and tweak the copy until you’re fully satisfied and add keywords to stay on top of your Shopify SEO in 2024. If you have a considerable number of products on your storefront, this will help you save a lot of time. AI-based product recommendations have also received an upgrade in Shopify Editions Winter 2023 to display similar products without a prior purchase history.

Foster Trust With Shop Promise

Lasting brand-customer relationships are founded on trust, and if you use Shop channel and Shop Pay, we have some good news. With the new Shopify updates of 2023, you can now obtain a Shop Promise badge that displays an estimated delivery date for eligible products based on smart prediction, so your customers can shop with confidence. This Shopify Editions Winter 2023 update comes with a limited guarantee of a shipping cost refund in the form of Shop Cash if the delivery date is missed.

Native Shopify Product Bundles App

Want to create product bundles with ease without having to use third-party apps? Now you can! Shopify Product Bundles is a native app from the eCommerce platform that comes as a part of your Shopify plan. It’s directly integrated with Shopify admin for on-platform management and offers accurate inventory tracking. This new Shopify update of 2023 is a great way for merchants to drive awareness about different products and increase average order value.

Shop Minis for Enhanced Mobile Shopping

Shop Minis is a new feature from Shopify designed to create a more engaging mobile shopping experience with live streams, shoppable posts, size charts, and other such components. Developers who are part of the Shopify Partner Program can build and incorporate these elements directly into the Shop app using Shopify’s React Native SDK. This Shopify Editions Winter 2023 update is a game-changer for mobile shopping.

All-In-One Selling With POS Go

POS Go is Shopify’s latest all-in-one mobile Point of Sale (POS) device that connects to your store without the need for a separate tablet or card reader and allows you to process payments on the go. It comes with some new POS updates including integrated physical and digital gift cards, streamlined in-person checkouts, and incoming and committed inventory tracking. POS Go is currently only available in the US, Canada, the UK, and Ireland; however, Shopify POS is supported in 15+ countries.

Go Global With a Single Store

Shopify Markets Pro dashboard

Shopify merchants generate over $20 billion in international sales which is why Shopify Editions Winter 2023 has introduced Markets Pro, a feature-rich full-stack solution for global expansion. Merchants can now enjoy automatic store localization and affordable shipping rates along with international fulfillment and taxation support. They can also collect duties upfront, navigate import restrictions with ease, and access fraud protection across international borders.

Improved B2B on Shopify

The new Shopify updates of 2023 improve upon B2B on Shopify with the ability to create quantity rules for products and variants. You can curate customer-specific catalogs, allow easy reorders, and add minimum or maximum order quantities to increase the average cart value for wholesale customers and save on shipping costs. This Shopify Editions Winter 2023 update also enables merchants to send a custom invite to potential wholesale customers in addition to creating custom data fields and logic for enhanced B2B workflow.

Built for Shopify Program Shopify app with the ‘Built for Shopify’ badge

Shopify currently has 8,000+ apps on its app store which allows merchants to customize their shop with a ton of features. However, many apps fall short of quality and are either discontinued or become obsolete over time. In a bid to bring better solutions to merchants, Shopify is now rewarding high-quality apps that meet the platform’s high standards with greater visibility. App developers can get personalized guidance for building amazing apps and monitor performance before applying for the ‘Built for Shopify’ program to win Shopify’s badge of approval that can be added to listings for increased trustworthiness. 

Create Dynamic Content With Metaobjects

Shopify Editions Winter 2023 has another delightful new addition for merchants and developers. You can now enrich your store with custom content such as shoppable galleries, quizzes, size guides, product highlights, and more using metaobjects, which are custom data structures that are displayed dynamically across pages. With this new Shopify update of 2023, you can also connect custom data models with metaobjects directly using Sanity, Shopify’s customer management system (CMS) partner.

Better Stores With Hydrogen 2

Shopify’s web development framework and built-in hosting solution Hydrogen has received a major upgrade with Shopify Editions Winter 2023. Hydrogen 2 is built on Remix, another development framework, that gives app developers more power to create better storefronts at a greater speed than before in order to meet the unique needs of merchants.

Enhance Your Store With Coalition Technologies

Shopify is one of the largest players in the eCommerce software market with over a million merchants across 175+ countries using the platform to sell their products and services—all thanks to the platform’s reliability, excellent customer service, and continuous efforts to enhance the experience for everyone who uses it. The updates introduced in Shopify Editions Winter 2023 take the platform’s functionality to the next level. 

If you want to implement some of these new Shopify updates of 2023, Coalition Technologies is here to help you out. Learn more about our Shopify development services or contact us now to find out how we can help you set up a highly converting store.

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