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Color Cord Company

Client: Color Cord Company


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Case Summary: Founded in 2013, this cloth covered electrical wire and cord company offers both high quality and design to home and business customers. Two months after beginning work for Color Cord Company, they had an overall monthly revenue of $100k.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Color Cord Company came to us looking to rank higher with their keywords, boost their average order value, and overall create a long term plan for content that would increase their results. Through this they wanted to see growth in their revenue.

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Some of the tasks we have completed include that we fixed duplicate content issues, designed a new mobile layout, and redirected 404 errors. We also have created a content strategy and fixed links that were redirecting externally.

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After working with us for two months, the site received a total of 42k visits this month and 21k first-time visitors. There were 15k organic sessions this month for a total of 538 transactions worth $44k in organic revenue, making organic search the most profitable channel this monthThe site generated a total of $100k in overall revenue.

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