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Emmer & Oat

Client: Emmer & Oat


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Case Summary: This family-owned fashion label started out as a humble Etsy shop and has quickly grown into a successful online fashion store. Over the course of our campaign so far, we have increased organic traffic by 492%.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

After transitioning from an Etsy stop to their own site, Emmer & Oat came to Coalition looking for more customers, an increase in their conversion rate, and ultimately, more sales.

Solution Icon Solution

Some of the work we have done includes link building, writing and implementing optimized copy, and redirecting 404 errors. We have also created an HTML sitemap, designed and implemented an email sign-up form, and fixed issues with the main navigation menu.

Result Icon Result

Year over year we increased organic traffic by 492% from 11k to 69k sessions and new organic users increased by 320%. Organic revenue increased by 100% for $167k in organic revenue. Overall sessions increased by 287% from 98k to 380k sessions and overall revenue increased by 100% resulting in $554k in overall revenue.

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