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Liven Co.

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Case Summary: Based in LA, this contemporary jewelry line creates pieces that are fresh but timeless. Liven Co. came to us for our SEO and PPC services, and have seen some fantastic results.

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In August 2017, Liven Co. made the decision to work with us to improve their traffic and revenue through our SEO and PPC services.


We began work for this jewelry line by optimizing copy, building links through a number of sources, creating promotions for different holidays, and improving the mobile usability of the site. Along with other SEO tasks, we launched multiple PPC campaigns with excellent results.


Although it’s been a short four months, Liven Co. has already seen outstanding results. PPC saw $10,501.52 in just the last month on a spend of only $2,124.84. Sessions are up by 46.84% compared to the beginning of our campaign, with a 107.25% increase in revenue.

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