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Magnolia Boutique

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Case Summary: This online women’s clothing boutique was started 4 years ago by a stay at home mom. She wanted to offer modern bohemian clothing to those of us who can’t always make it to a mall. She turned to Coalition to build a website that would attract her core demographic.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Magnolia Boutique needed a website and marketing to ensure that their clothes reached their target audience. They also came to us for PPC to further increase their revenue. We took over their Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram campaigns.

Solution Icon Solution

In May 2017, we got to work building a beautiful website that matched Magnolia Boutique’s desired aesthetic (check it out for yourself). We then began our optimization efforts by ensuring that the copy, keywords, and link structure were all optimized. We also began our PPC campaigns after the launch of the new site. Before coming to us, they were only running static ads. We created Dynamic Ads and expanded their campaigns with specific audience targeting.

Result Icon Result

In comparison to the previous year, Magnolia Boutique received 24% more sessions this year to date than last year to date, for a total of 4,866,408 sessions. Overall users completed 20% more transactions and generated 42% more revenue this year to date than last year to date, for a total of $9,651,319.72. Organic revenue increased 26.51% from $1,006,078.71 last year to date to $1,272,831.59 this year to date. After two years with us, their Google Ads performed extremely well; a spend of $9,610 generated $123,785 in revenue, for an ROI of 1188.09%. Their Facebook Ads have also performed well. In their time with us, they have seen an ROI of 1,586%; a spend of $58k returned in $918k in revenue. In the past year, their Instagram campaigns have seen an ROI of 1,383%: a spend of $74k achieved $1M in revenue

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