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Miki Miette

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Case Summary: This children’s clothing boutique creates functional and fashionable designs. In addition to their flagship store in Culver City, their clothes are carried at major retailers such as Nordstrom and Barney’s. They came to Coalition for SEO and PPC to bring in more online sales. Through our work, we increased their revenue by 189.17%.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Inspired by her son, this fashion designer established a brand that is carried in major retailers. Although she had exposure in brick and mortar stores, she wanted her online shop to be as successful. She came to Coalition for our experience in SEO and PCC.

Solution Icon Solution

Through our SEO process, we discovered the issues that were driving traffic down and fixed them. Some of these include changing title tags, rewriting product descriptions, and customizing the checkout process. We also integrated social media, featured guest blogs, and built custom popups. In addition, we ran a PPC campaign based on researched and identified keywords.

Result Icon Result

After only 2 months of Coalition’s SEO and PPC campaign, this children’s clothing brand increased their monthly revenue by 189.17%. Paid search accounted for 17.91% of the revenue and organic revenue accounted for 19.45%. The paid ad campaign brought in 49.75% of all users.

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