Green Gone Detox

Client: Green Gone Detox


Website Focus: Ecommerce

Website Platform: Shopify

Services Provided: PPC, SEO

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Health & Beauty

Case Summary: This detox product manufacturer provides an all-natural and permanent solution to remove THC from your system. Comparing the first half of their campaign to the second, total revenue is up 470% from $29k to $164k.

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Green Gone Detox came to us after seeing a dip in traffic and revenue. They wanted to see an increase in conversion rates along with site improvements. Their ultimate goals for us were to get to 200 visits per day as well as $30k a month.

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In 2019, Coalition took over SEO for Green Gone Detox. One of the big issues we noticed was that our SEO optimized product copy could not be indexed by search engines. After we implemented a custom-coded solution, we noticed a noticeable growth in organic traffic. In order to take advantage of the increase in traffic, our team also implemented layout changes to the homepage and product pages.
After several months of improved metrics and organic growth, Green Gone Detox asked Coalition to manage their PPC efforts in 2020. Our experienced PPC team created branded, non-branded, and shopping, campaigns on Google Ads and Bing. Our dual-approach has enhanced the brand’s growth significantly.

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In comparison to last year, the site is receiving 229% more organic sessions with a 204% increase in organic new users. Overall, there was a 374% increase in traffic to the site this month compared to last year with sessions increasing from 4k sessions to 21k. Compared to this time last year, organic revenue has increased 100% and overall revenue has increased by 1,169% since last year with overall transactions increasing from 1,355% since last year. Comparing the first half of the campaign to the second, Green Gone Detox’s total revenue has increased by 470%, from $29k to $164k. 

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