Katydid Wholesale

Client: Katydid Wholesale

URL: www.katydidwholesale.com

Website Focus: Ecommerce

Website Platform: Shopify

Services Provided: SEO

Business Type: Business to Business

Client Industry: Fashion

Case Summary: Katydid is a wife and husband team, that has been selling retail and wholesale clothes and accessories. Their biggest sellers are their trucker hats with unique slogans that really reflect their customer’s personalities. After college, Katy sold on eBay in 2004 under the shopforbags.com domain. Due to customer demand, she started selling her items wholesale and she was early in the wholesale market, around 2003, had great rankings early on. Shopforbags was the wholesale channel, and the only channel originally. Katy Founded her own brand (Katydid) after realizing the opportunity through the wholesale experience. The brand took off in 2010, was early in the sports mom market. Someone offered to build her a website for $200 – ShopForbags.com. In the beginning, Katy was reselling other brands on shopforbags.com, as well as her own brand (Katydid).

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In 2012, the penguin/panda Google update impacted their SEO ranking, cutting their annual revenue in half. They were ranked 1-2 for wholesale handbags and were top 5 in clothing, etc, but they dropped to rock bottom after the Google updates. They abandoned shopforbags after losing rankings.

In 2014-15 they invested 100% into the Katydid brand which is still 99% wholesale, and they started a retail channel that they are looking to build as well.

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Some of the tasks we’ve completed include that we produced and published keyword-rich copy to the homepage and product category pages and blogs, revised homepage layout, and got the site ranking on the first page of SERP for several keywords important to the client. We also added a Phone Number/Email address in the header, added social proof icons in the footer, and added the Shopify trust badge. We created a Contact Form that allows users to submit product ideas, created a Contact Form for special and large orders, and added sort/filter option on the category pages.

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After working for this fashion wholesaler for nine months, organic revenue has increased 200% from the start of the campaign and the number of organic transactions increased by 140%. Overall revenue has also increased by 173% from the start of the campaign compared to today with overall transactions increasing by 204%.

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