PHW Supplements

Client: PHW Supplements


Website Focus: Ecommerce

Website Platform: Shopify

Services Provided: SEO

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Fitness, Health & Beauty

Case Summary: This performance supplement company who offers pro-hormone formulas to those would want to feel and look in the best shape of their lives. After seeing a significant decline in sales, Mo came to us looking for SEO. We boosted their organic traffic to make up 76.69% of all traffic accounting for 60.22% of all revenue.

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Mo, the owner of this supplement supplier, came to us because he had been experiencing a significant drop in his monthly revenue. He wanted to increase his traffic, his customer base, and ultimately his revenue. Our SEO experts came in to give his organic traffic and his revenue a boost.

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Some of the optimization work we have completed so far for Mo includes fixing a missing link to his sitemap, standardizing the size of his images for conversion optimization, fixing error code, updating headings, creating clickable contacts, and more. Our copy team also worked to create new content such as workout guides and links to guest blogs.

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From the beginning of our work to our most recent analytic report, our SEO team’s efforts have increased the organic traffic on the website from 48.62% to 76.69%. This organic traffic was the most profitable channel, accounting for 60.22% of revenue and 58.88% of all transactions. We also moved this supplement supplier into the #1 ranking position in search results for their top keyword.

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