Case Studies

  • Zumba

    Even some of the world’s largest fitness brands can use help growing online. And when they do, they call us.

  • Spinning

    Find out how our team helped a global brand re-establish itself as the industry leader in a new venue – organic and paid search. Now SEO & PPC are the top revenue-driving channels for the entire company!

  • Zogics

    This fitness equipment and products company is a one stop shop for fitness facilities, hotels, and businesses that emphasize a healthy lifestyle. Looking to increase sales, they signed up for our fitness SEO services. Six months into their campaign with us, their revenue increased 87.96%

  • BoxUnion

    This Los Angeles-based boxing gym contacted us because it needed a new website to support its growth as a company. They opened a new location in January 2019 and were looking to expand across the country. Our design and development team worked hard to create a website that would capture their image as well as provide them with the sign-up system they needed.

  • Pranamaya

    Learn how this yoga media company went from losing money to generating a steady profit thanks to Coalition’s SEO and PPC strategies.

  • Body Blade

    Functional training equipment is a hot topic in the personal fitness industry and Body Blade needed a search marketing provider that could muscle them to the top.

  • Training Mask

    Training Masks products challenge end users by simulating high altitude training methodologies on the go. Their website helps explain how in a way that almost always results in the sale.

  • Bare Performance Nutrition

    This company sets itself apart by being fully transparent in its supplements’ ingredients – providing its customers a brand they can trust. Their trust in us paid off with a 631% increase in organic revenue within the first six months of working with us.

  • HumanX

    How do you communicate passion, energy, and strength through a computer monitor? Discover our work for HumanX and their new ecommerce website.

  • Peak Pilates

    Our organic and paid search marketing teams have partnered with Peak Pilates over the course of two years, delivering outstanding results every step of the way.

  • Wurf

    Do you ever get tired of sitting in that office chair day after day? Wurf has the cure: work and surf. Their anti-fatigue mats offer a standing option to improve circulation, posture, and comfort. They approached Coalition looking for a BigCommerce website that would bring their “surfboards” into more offices. We integrated their CMS and a review system into their site. Take a look.

  • Gloveworx USA

    This state-of-the-art boxing gym provides a great workout from highly qualified coaches. They came to Coalition for SEO work. In four months, we increased the site’s referral traffic by 310.53%.

  • Compound Solutions, Inc.

    This nutritional supplement company needed a website that would meet the needs of both manufacturers and individual customers. We designed and built a website that showed off their performance-driven vision. We included custom design work as well as integrated SEO enhancements that drive user traffic.

  • Elements

    This fitness and lifestyle club’s membership offers gym access, nutritional counseling, and relaxation services. They came to Coalition to help build a Shopify site that would allow customers to purchase memberships, services, and products. Take a glance at our work for Elements.

  • Harbinger Fitness

    This fitness brand offers top-quality products for weightlifting. They asked us to design a website that would offer their products not only to distributors but also to end consumers. Some of the most important changes they asked us to implement include creating custom promotional banners, linking social media, and designing custom product pages embedded with videos.