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Sydney So Sweet

Client: Sydney So Sweet


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Case Summary: Originally a hair bow business, this girl’s fashion retailer now offers boutique clothing, costumes, and accessories – all without breaking the bank. After 8 months with us, organic traffic is up 70% and revenue has increased by 168%.

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Sydney So Sweet

Challenge Icon Challenge

After primarily seeing most of their revenue come from Amazon, Sydney So Sweet wanted to diversify and ensure their own site was also profitable. They came to us for SEO and PPC so that they could achieve this goal of seeing their revenue grow from their branded site.

Solution Icon Solution

To achieve their goals, we have setup Google Adwords as well as Facebook Ads, written and implemented optimized copy, and redirected backlinks to non-existing pages. We have also found and created outreach links that direct customers back to their site from mulitple sources.

Result Icon Result

After working with us for 8 months, organic traffic had increased 70%. Overall, the site received 83% more sessions and overall new users grew 79%. Organic users completed 122% more transactions this month worth 105% more in organic revenue. Overall, the site generated a 168% increase in revenue. The Google Ads campaigns are also doing well; with a monthly investment of $1,246.62, the campaigns returned $6,332.88 in revenue for an ROI of 408%.

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