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Case Summary: 1ink is a discount ink cartridge company run by a pair of brothers in Los Angeles. When they needed a boost in their organic search results, they asked Coalition to take it over. Our SEO team helped them grow revenue from organic search results from $525k to $918k in a matter of twelve months.

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1ink came to Coalition to increase their organic search results, get more customers to their site, and increase revenue. Take a look at our work and our results.


Our SEO team has worked hard to fix numerous issues including updating the microformats, addressing 404 errors, handling duplicate title tags and other content, working on online public relations and link building, writing content, and fixing technical development issues.


Organic revenue has increased from $525k to $918k in a matter of twelve months. Organic traffic is up 164% over last year, from 3,313 sessions to 8,747 monthly sessions. New users are up 182% in that same time period. We also ensured growth across all platforms: mobile traffic is up 115%, desktop has increased by 93%, and tablet traffic is up 75%.

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