Checkout Unleashed: Power Ecommerce Growth With a High-Performing Checkout Solution

Checkout Unleashed: Power Ecommerce Growth With a High-Performing Checkout Solution

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Ecommerce checkout is in dire need of a revamp. 

Global cart abandonment rates have remained stubbornly high — around 70% — for over a decade now; for certain industries, they’re as high as 90%.

The majority of online retailers, having set up shop within the last decade, have never known anything different. For them, high purchase dropouts are simply a fact of life. However, with the right approach, you can optimize ecommerce checkout, providing customers the incentives they need to complete the buyer journey.

Checkout Unleashed by Coalition does just that. It’s a composable solution that lets you deliver powerful checkout experiences for customers by serving up hyper-personalized options and offers. 

It allows companies to achieve feature parity with large enterprise ecommerce brands, unify omnichannel purchasing, quickly adapt to changing market and customer expectations, all while maintaining the cost and speed advantages of SaaS-type solutions.

Checkout Unleashed integrates best with headless ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce, but can adapt to practically any non-proprietary website solution. See how Checkout Unleashed is helping ecommerce clients at Coalition multiply conversion rates and consistently generate more revenue on existing marketing spends.

What Is Composable Commerce?

Composable commerce essentially means combining or ‘composing’ best-of-breed ecommerce solutions into a single custom application built to address specific business needs. 

In practice, this means you can completely customize how different sections on your site look and function, including your informational pages, product pages, CMS, site plugins, ecommerce checkout, and more. It’s a flexible approach to development that lets you transcend the built-in limitations of monolithic, cookie-cutter platforms. 

What Does Headless Mean?

A headless ecommerce platform is one where the site’s frontend presentation layer is decoupled from its backend functionality. Headless architectures are a key part of composable site development, letting you deliver high-quality, personalized experiences for your visitors. 

“Open SaaS” platforms like BigCommerce are ideal candidates for headless solutions because they give you the flexibility you need to build a tailored website. Sole-source providers like Shopify, while enabling a rapid, low-cost launch for your online store, often restrict your ability to customize your storefront and backend. 

Why Go Composable?

Imagine being able to handpick the best parts of different brands’ ecommerce approaches to build your own standout solution. Composable systems let you do exactly that by giving developers nearly limitless options in customization and personalization to meet customer needs, throughout ecommerce checkout.

When the frontend and backend are ‘de-linked,’ your developers can use the APIs they want without worrying about compatibility. This helps future-proof your business, reduce development time, and create a much more robust solution that’s less likely to glitch out.

Transitioning to a composable or headless ecommerce platform can save you significant downtime and money you would otherwise spend maintaining your website. It also makes for a more protected storefront that’s less susceptible to security and privacy breaches. 

Introducing Checkout Unleashed by Coalition Technologies

Checkout Unleashed composable solution combining best-of-breed elements

The average checkout completion rate is an abysmal 46.1% for ecommerce sites. Checkout Unleashed helps merchants close that gap across devices and industries. It unlocks an opportunity by letting you ‘connect’ with customers in a landscape where brand relationships are fleeting and price is king. 

It lets you serve up dynamic content and deliver highly personalized experiences, including offers and upsell opportunities at checkout to convert your prospects. It does this by leveraging an agile tech stack — one that comes with a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and fast time to market. 

A composable ecommerce solution, Checkout Unleashed is engineered by Coalition Technologies and leverages the combined capabilities of BigCommerce, Bold Commerce, and PayPal.

Here’s everything Checkout Unleashed offers you in a snapshot:

  • Much fewer ‘No, you can’t do that’ responses
  • Faster time to implement customizations
  • Faster performance and site speed 
  • Lower cost of implementation
  • Ability to quickly achieve feature parity with much larger commerce enterprises 
  • Ability to cater to your customer and product catalogs in a more meaningful way 

Why Checkout Unleashed Can Prove Transformational for Your Storefront

Checkout Unleashed reimagines the checkout experience for customers. It helps you increase conversions and revenue, while reducing costs and future-proofing your business, all in one go. Here’s a deeper look at how it achieves all of this.

  1. Platform Agnostic

Bold Commerce’s tailored checkout solution, which Checkout Unleashed leverages, can be implemented on practically any platform, provided it’s not a monolithic solution like Shopify. 

For merchants hesitant to take on a full migration, it allows you to evolve your online store into headless architectures, incrementally. If your website is built on something like Oracle, Magento1, legacy, or custom platforms, you can move your ecommerce checkout over to Bold as step one, and then move the rest of your website to a headless ecommerce platform like BigCommerce over time.

  1. Faster Time to Market

A big benefit of Bold APIs is that they require fewer development resources. You can enable extensive personalization without having to layer multiple third-party apps or custom code from scratch. One tool offers you the functionality of multiple apps, meaning there are fewer third-party contract commitments to contend with and fewer API calls and integrations which can slow down your store.

This allows for easier and faster implementation of everything from added fees in the ecommerce checkout to varied shipping lines, custom upsell, buy now, insurance, and more. BigCommerce also provides robust REST and GraphQL API endpoints and extensive documentation, allowing developers to more easily build composable and headless ecommerce stores on the platform for unique use cases.

  1. Hyper-Optimized Checkout
Checkout Unleashed personalized ecommerce checkout window

It lets you personalize the checkout experience in a way that few other solutions do. You can provide customers the option to easily edit cart configurations at checkout, including product quantities and variants. 

Customers can change their shipping and insurance information. You can also integrate customized insurance options, giving you the ability to collect your own order/shipping protection fees from customers without needing another third-party app.

  1. Convenient Payments Integration
Checkout Unleashed payments tab

Almost 50% of shoppers who abandon their carts at ecommerce checkout do so because of high add-on costs, including taxes, fees, shipping, and so on. Checkout Unleashed leverages the PayPal Commerce Platform (PPCP) to facilitate more convenient payments for customers. Features such as Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) can help soften the blow of the extra costs and make the purchase that much more viable for them in the moment. 

PCPP also allows you to accept multiple payment methods, including with region-specific providers such as Venmo, which can be another added incentive for customers with access to the built-in incentives of those platforms. 

  1. One-Click Checkout

Some of the other major reasons customers cite for dropping out at ecommerce checkout include “the site wanted me to create an account” and “too long/complicated checkout process.” A lot of this comes down to being confronted with extensive forms that can take longer to fill out than selecting the product they want to buy.

According to the Baymard Institute, 80% of ecommerce sites have an auto-complete feature for their forms, but only 19% of them get the implementation right.

Checkout Unleashed helps resolve these issues with a one-click checkout process using a QR code or ‘Buy Now’ button. It also provides intelligent auto-complete suggestions by pulling customer data through their site account or browser cookies and correlating that with other factors, including location, time of year, and order size and value to offer speedy, convenient checkout experiences.

  1. Custom Post-Purchase Upsell
Checkout Unleashed post-purchase upsell

Checkout Unleashed offers you powerful post-purchase upsell opportunities to help you increase average order value and customer LTV. It intelligently curates items in the ‘Related Products’ and ‘Customers Also Bought’ sections at the point of purchase and on the order confirmation page. 

It also automates email follow-up immediately after the purchase as well as at the estimated time of product renewal to promote these opportunities. All in all, it’s an ecommerce checkout solution that makes it easier to drive recurring revenue for your brand.

  1. Marketing-Centric Checkout Solution
Checkout Unleashed embedded next to an influencer stream

Checkout Unleashed is built to offer you much more flexibility in how you can market your products, build connections, and retarget your audiences. For instance, it’s very compatible with influencer-led brands and lets you ‘live-sell’ products during influencer streams. 

You can embed an ecommerce ‘checkout drawer’ right under a live stream or a VOD of a past stream. Users will see personalized shopping recommendations based on the information being relayed on video and can shop with one click while watching the video and without having to scroll away.

It also helps you get more value out of email and retargeting campaigns, with your email CTAs able to link to a personalized checkout window to help customers quickly top up on a product, accessorize their purchase, or renew a subscription.

Schedule a Demo Today

Ecommerce is too competitive a space to allow last-mile slippages in conversion. Level up your storefront with a next-gen ecommerce checkout solution that prioritizes personalization for the customer and revenue growth for your brand. Schedule a demo to see Checkout Unleashed in action. 

We have a proven track record in building high-performing online stores that provide unique buyer experiences. Work with experts to migrate your store to a composable or headless ecommerce platform or to build one from scratch. View our portfolio or browse some of our outstanding customer reviews

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